BEDA Day 5: The Little Mermaid.

So my little inspiration club and I got together to come up with our first collab post
I have to give a lot of props to Maddy for administering the group, I think we all know how busy I am.

I'm sure all the girls have written EXCELLENT posts, which I will link at the bottom of my post, but for now I can't even look at them or I would probably steal there brilliant ideas, so if I copied anything you said, please forgive me.

If you don't know, I grew up in Hawaii, first on the island of Maui then on Oahu.
So my love of mermaids goes waaaaaay back,
but being an 18 year old (who is still obsessed with mermaids)
I'm able to categorize my mermaid obsession into three films that have influenced me greatly.

1) The Thirteenth Year
This movie was a huge inspiration to me.
The Thirteenth Year is a 1999, Disney Channel Original Movie, about Cody Griffin, an adopted teenager who begins to develop fins, scales and other mermaid traits after his 13th birthday.
While I don't want to give the movie's plot away (wikipedia can do that for you), this film is so fun and sweet and suspenseful.
You know how everyone says "I was so sad on the day of my 11th birthday, because I didn't get a letter from Hogwarts"
FRUIT THAT! I was depressed for weeks after my 13th birthday when I didnt grow fins and a magnetic charge!!!!!!

Here are some other stills from the movie
Baby Mermaid.

90's dreamboat and that girl who was in EVERYTHING (hello, The Jersey and Stepsister from Planet Weird)


boom. mermaid powers. 

here is the trailer:

and you can watch the whole thing on youtube if you inquire.

2) Aquamarine
okay, I needed to take a few deep breaths before writing about this one.
This movie, is one of my favorite movies, of ALL TIME.
of Eternity.
I was OBSESSED with this film in 7th grade, I saw it three times in theaters, bought it on DVD the second it came out, attempted to recreate every single outfit Emma Roberts wore in the film. Scouted the beach for mermaids, referred to my best friend Elise as "my Jojo," bought the soundtrack, memorized the soundtrack and actually cried to my mom once about how sad I was that it wasnt real (I have issues with reality vs. fiction).

This movie is a HUGE inspiration to me.
and I dont truly believe that I'll be able to properly do it justice.
but I will give it my best shot.

Aquamarine is the 2006 film about two teenage friends Claire and Hailey (Emma Roberts and Jojo), who are soaking up their last 5 days of summer together before Hailey and her mother move to Australia.  One night after a violent storm Hailey wishes for a miracle that will convince her mother to stay, then BAM, they find the mermaid Aquamarine (Sara Paxton) in their clubs swimming pool, who makes wishes come true. 

Without spoiling too much of the plot, because you NEED to see this film, this film is so fun and girly and adorable.  

Not only is Aquamarine's tail AMAZING, but the acting and sets and cinematography its all just so cute!
here are some stills from the movie

So this is of course when they discover that they've found a mermaid.

Look how pretty that tail is! (I need to get my own tail already)

awwww girl power <3

This is when they go shopping and become all confident and what not
sooo cute

(Thats actually one of my favorite ice creams....no joke)

I always loved that quote

I melt
I melt into the floor.

You guys, I'm going nuts here, this movie makes me so happy and its just so cute, and so sweet
AH I'm gonna burst.

oh and here is the trailer

no joke, I literally almost started crying watching this trailer

and my last film of course is
3) The Little Mermaid
This was the first film I've ever seen ever. So of course I'm going to be obsessed with it.
Now I'm not even going to bother explaining this film to you.
If you were born ANYWHERE in the 80's or 90's you should've seen it.
Its one of Disneys best animated films EVER

here are some stills and gifs from the film

Goodness I never understood why she would give up mermaid life!


see, If King Triton is down with Gay Pride, why cant the Federal Government?

So a million years ago I did this photoshoot inspired by the scene where Ariel first has legs and makes a makeshift dress out of scrap material and she's all wet and new and whatnot

(although Ariel didnt have rainboots)

And for today's post I created a new mermaid inspired outfit!
since I didnt have time to go to the beach, I took it by my fountain outside...cause water is water right?
I'm wearing my vintage fish belt
a blue strapless leotard from American Apparel 
and a long black chiffon skirt also from American Apparel
Forks make wonderful combs
And this was my makeup for the look
if you wanna know what I used just let me know
also note the starfish earrings, starfish are the worlds biggest suck ups

other mermaid inspiration:
My grandmothers love for Denmark and for Eric Chase Andersons original story
(she left us many mermaid figurines)
The fact that I went to the beach the day before yesterday, it was a glorious day
and the amazing Little Mermaid pin, Paisley got me in Disneyland
hurrah hurrah hurrah

My Mermaid Friends
Her lovely Jellyfish ensemble makes me Jelly-ous that I didnt own her entire wardrobe!

Goodness, I'd really really love this girl to style me, I've never wanted to play dressup with anyone more than she. 

I wish I could take underwater pictures with Lydia!!

Sophie is just the cutest fish in the ocean, she looks like one of Ariels sisters!!
I wish I could take underwater pictures with you! 

now I'm off for a fantabulous adventure at the Aquarium, 
I was going to take off my mermaid makeup
but in the words of Aquamarine, "Why live life unnoticed!"

Keep it sassy yall,


  1. I love the makeup and hair, you look like you dragged yourself right out of the ocean! I am so glad we are finally doing these collab posts, thank you for motivating us!

  2. This was so fun! I love your outfit and the make up. Can we just talk about "Aquamarine" for a minute and how obsessed with that movie I am? I own it, and watch it every summer because it is amazing. I found it for $5 at like Target or something just a few years ago, and since I am OBSESSED with mermaids, I bought it.

    Also, I wish I had been in town for this post because I totally want to dress up like a mermaid, and I have a mermaid tattoo that needs to be included. I think I'm going to have to do Mermaid Post Part Two.

  3. You ARE inspiration.
    I can't say nothing more.