BEDA Day 4: Warning, This is not a pretty post.

You guys visit my blog hopefully to see my sassy outfits and to get some insight into my life.
Which is awesome and all but I'm sure to you I may seem very one dimensional. I'm happy, relatively well dressed and for the most part, put together. 

but today.

the beast is unleashed.
this is me in my natural habitat. 

Hair a mess
no makeup
Wizard Shirt
Velour pants (not shown)
and Cupnoodle.

This is "afterwork Caelan"

I'm exhausted, and pissed off and irked.

My day was jam-packed full of annoying trivial things that made me angry. 

So while I listen to Mad World by Tears for Fears I'm going to explain my frustration in a series of "why" questions

-Why is the free clinic so disgusting?
-Why can't all my clothing be velour?
-Why is my cup noodle still too hot?
-Why is my dog sniffing my cats' butt?
-Why do people love returning stuff to retail stores?
-Why do people love returning said items at 8:59?
-Why don't I have four arms thus allowing me to rant like this AND eat cup noodle at the same time?
-Why don't I have ANY OJ in my house, all I have is Orange Jello...which, granted, is more fun, but isnt nutritionally the same? 
-Why are people so judgmental?
-Why do people judge others on their judgmental behavior?
-Why did Amy Winehouse have to die?
-Why can't my sisters get it?
-Why can't I just do whatever the hell I want because clearly EVERYONE else is?
-Why doesnt English have punctuation marks at the beginning of every sentence?
-Why do we use pronouns?
-Why must I have to work?
-Why wont the pimp who lives across the street from me move away?
-Why does my body get so angry. its scary, I sometimes even see red
-Why can't you demand that someone else apologizes?
-Why can't I be in control of everyones actions (like in Sims)?
-Why can't fictional characters be real?
-Why is life so fucking complicated?

Tell them that its human nature.

this post has taken a turn for the crazy and I think its time I get some sl33p.
be prepared for a regular, none insane post tomorrow
nighty night Junior Rangers,

keep it sassy,


  1. TEARS FOR FEARS. OHMYGOSH. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!! My favorite song is "Year of the Knife" it's just so awesome... I don't know what album it is...
    And ugh. I hate it when there's no OJ in the house!! My body runs on OJ. Without OJ I'm a bitch.
    Judgmental people are just the worst... they need to get a clue.

  2. Oh and I just went to Paisley's youtube channel it's hilarious!!!!!! I love the "Writer's Block" one!!!! Too funny!!!!
    And I just gave you a blog award!!!