BEDA Day 3: while I wasnt blogging

Forgive the Late post, my internet completely died on me last night, therefore I will post 2, 2day,

Despite the fact that I didnt post more than 4 times in the month of July, I was out there, doing things
and I've got oodles to tell you
so the third day of BEDA, is dedicated to catching you up on some of the awesome things that I've done with the totally awesome and wonderful people in my life!

1) Harry Potter Premiere!
Twas a magical affair to say the least, when all the lovely necromancers of Honolulu congregate in on area to witness the end of a wizardy era. My darling friend Paisley and I dressed as Harry & Ginny,  and we were quite the magical pair, I even used my magic to slap Paisley in the face with spam that night!
Our dear friend Natalie  donned the part of Voldemort, although the anticipation of the film viewing, waiting in long lines and the hostility in the air began to effect our dear Voldie, transforming him from a dastardly villain into well...a queen, demanding Harry to bend over and creating sexual innuendoes like magic. 
Jenni-lea was a glorious Dobbie, accompanied by Nix was a crowd stopping, round of applause deserving Moaning Myrtle
Ben was a very rough and tumble Lupin with the gorgeous Luna aka my sister Kelsey on his extra hairy arms (he was mid transformation)
My costume I described as "Britney Spears meets Hogwarts"

2) Paisleyhasgoodideas & Sasssquatch Sleep Over Extravaganza 
We watched Wall-E, ate redvines, wore onzies and stayed up way too late having a hoot and holler of a time

3) Paisleyhasgoodideas & Sasssquatch costco extravaganza

Did you know they sell tutu's at costco?
This is just the beginning of my future costco inspired post. I love that place sooo much.

4) Dinner with the coworkers
Art Camp is finished so me and my good friends at the Art Academy got together for a classy dinner. 
this is what I wore to the torrid affair. 
The dress was bought at a local flea market called "Art N Flea" its from the 1960's
It has the most lovely diamond lace detail that makes me feel like the quintessence of elegance!
I even busted out gloves for this event
and it has the most lovely bow detail down the back, which yes, occasionally chokes me, but its worth it! 
I also spunked up this classy outfit with a pair of ripped tights
Me and Kelsey love dressing as twins
her lace dress is from Forever21 and it matches mine swimmingly
she also donned a pair of gloves and a lovely chunky Marc by Marc Jacobs 
She also has an excellent taste in earrings, yes, those are little cheese earrings
three cheers for cheese ears
These are Kelsey's best shoes. 
I bought a pair of her best shoes in gold. 
we both love totes. 
and we even have the same cellphone

that night we danced and sang and Kareoke'd like none other!
We were the belles of the balls...atleast according to each other hahaha

5) Family Dinner Out
Every so often my whole family gets together for dinner at the Outrigger Canoe Club which is this little beach club, that of course is beach front.
So I thought I'd dress for the occasion
This nautical themed outfit consists of
-Peter pan shirt from American Apparel 
-Dress from Motel
-Rayban clubmasters
and of course, my flesh colored clogs
Roldie also looked particularly adorable that night
with a sweater from AA and a heart printed dress from Forever 21 she looked flawlessly fresh!
I want her blonde hair. hmph :(
Ecot shoes and a black leather bag from Urban Outfitters

and just look at that big summer sun.

well Junior Rangers, thats all for now
but I will post today's post later in the day
keep it sassy,

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  1. I love what you wore to the art/work dinner!! The ripped up stockings are a nice touch.