BEDA Day 2: Dave's Birthday

As you know, it is August 2nd, 2011
and while this may seem like an ordinary day, it is certainly not!
It the birthday of my oldest sister Devon (We call her Dave).
She turned 23 on this special day, so I thought I'd dedicate an ENTIRE post to her!
and this is also part one of my series called
"The Sasssquatch Spotlight"

First she opened her gifts then we had cold cupcakes
my mom gave her a "1" candle because "Dave is number 1"...also probably because we ran out of all the other candles

she is basically the cutest birthday girl in the history of birthday girls. 

here are a few of her birthday presents, she was positively elated when she opened these goodies up.

And here are more pictures of Dave in her natural habitat, her teen girl/young lady bedroom at home

her treasure trove of goodies, including a freeze-dried bat

(From left to right) Her favorite Eloise in Moscow inspired dress from a boutique in San Fran, Her handpainted skirt from Italy and her new favorite vintage blouse!

Devon is my oldest sister and she definitely paved the way for the rest of my sisters and me in terms of fashion.
She's has a very specific, particular style that has given her fashion icon status since she could dress herself. 
Without her I wouldnt know how to dress for my body type nor would I experiment with vintage shopping in different eras of clothing as much as I do.
Dave always taught me that "pushy broads" get things done, and whether it is her 2 plus years working at the honolulu Betsy Johnson store, working as a free-lance stylist for Ala Moana magazine or starting her own etsy shop, this broad has gotten so much done. 

I'm so proud of my sister and I'm so happy to celebrate such a lovely day with such a lovely girl!

Here are some cute pictures of her and her lovely ensembles

This was Devon's birthday dress last year :)
Her outfit for her last first day of school

Dave and our adorable pup woody

She is a master at pin curls like these

And Lastly I interviewed her for this post for a little more insight into her amazing style

1) what are your main style inspirations?
            I would say, well….I really like the 1940’s, Rita Hayworth is a big inspiration, along with the fellow female icons of the time, My favorite era of style is from the late 1930’s to the early 1960’s.

2) What is something from your childhood style that hasn’t changed?
            I really like matching, I always have, but instead of matching my lace bloomers and my bow, I like my handbag and shoes to match.

3) What fictional characters have impacted you and your style?
            I've been quite into Snow white lately, I was always into Doreen, the friend from the book The Bell Jar, she wears crazy pants and dates cowboys, and was definitely a fashion inspiration. Also Liv Tyler's character in the movie That Thing You Do,  and of course Simone Simon in Cat People (1942).

4)What is your dream item that you wish to have in your closet?
            Handmade flats from anthropology, Louboutins, and a Louis Vuitton train case.

5)Where can we find you via the intertubes
            Tumblr: devondarling.tumblr.com
            Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/msdevondarling

6)When will we see your styling photos
            In the September/October issue of Ala Moana magazine

Well that's all for today Junior Rangers, I hope you enjoyed meeting my lovely sister and be sure to wish her a happy birthday via tumblr!

please keep it sassy,
and I'll see you tomorrow


  1. your sister seems just about as fabulous as you are! And the freeze dried bat sounds fantastic!

    Also, thank you for your kind and lovely comments on my post! I would love love love for you to make one in Hawaii, i think it would be so amazing if these dream webs were everywhere! PLEASE MAKE ONE

  2. Why is she so precious!! I love her bday dress AND last year's bday dress. She is so awesome.