They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab.

Today, Saturday, July 23, 2011, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment at age 27.
This is mind boggling to me.
She was getting better, looking healthy and I was eagerly anticipating her comeback,
people with voices like that can't just die before their comeback, its not fair, its not right!

Amy Winehouse was a visionary. 
She began my love of dark cat like eyeliner.
She was something new and refreshing in our current music industry full of polished, plastic, perfect puppets! Her voice has soul, passion and every time she sang, you could hear her history of pain and passion in her voice!

Not only was Amy Winehouse a true talent of our time, but she is also a style icon and will be for generations to come.
For my outfit today I had to channel her 
She brought back the bee-hive before Nicki Minaj or Snooki
and her winged-tip eyeliner was always superb
Her tattoos and headscarves were always so awesome! Luckily my sisters and mother have an extensive scarf collection :)
and my favorite facet of her style was the ballet shoes she'd wear
they were so well loved.

My interpretation. 
Romper from Betsey Johnson

Real ballet shoes

She was a true marvel in the music industry today and she will greatly be missed.

Keep it so incredibly sassy,


  1. I love your interpretation of her style! I agree that she will truly be missed :,(

  2. Amy. She was so amazing. Her songs and the sound of her voice. Could not believe the news. Loved your outfit though. G x

  3. I was so sad to hear the news, how awful D: your outfit looks wonderful though, great playsuit!

  4. Poor Amy Winehouse, that really is awful :( she was way too young to die. And her voice was amazing!!
    But your outfit is great though!! I love your scarf!!

  5. Well you look precious, but am I an asshole because I don't really care that A.W. died? She had a lovely voice yes, but she wasted her youth smoking crack and shooting up. She was looking a little better, but that doesn't mean she wasn't still battling with drug addiction. Also, right after she got big, I read an interview she did with Rolling Stone where she said she didn't care about singing, that she only made that record because Blake had left her and she wanted him back, and she didn't care to ever record again as long as they were together. The journalist said Blake (who she was with at the time and about to marry) sat at a table right beside them and Amy spent the entire interview passing notes with him and ignoring the journalist. She always seemed to me to be a big voice attached to a small person, inside and out. But I'm sorry that you will miss her and that she was such an inspiration to you and now is gone.

  6. I don't believe yet. I loved she ... I'll miss she a lot :( Th pics are amazing . Kisses :)

  7. I adore your art and style! I think we have similar clothes taste, especially since we agree that GoodWill is awesome!

    I'm not surprised about Amy Winehouse, but it's still very tragic :(