....oh hey guys.
I know you probably all hate me cause I havent posted in forever
and I hate me too! But I have 3 reasons why so...dont kill me

3. I was uninspired, with my wardrobe, with art, with fashion with EVERYTHING
2. I have two jobs, therefore I'm ridiculously ridiculously busy
just LOOK at my calenderp!! 
okay and lastly
1) I've met someone very special, and while this person has now become a new source of inspiration (they dont know that yet haha) but I was also trying to spend as much time not spent working, with my baby, because there is this weird theme amongst my closest friends to leave me this summer


I've been brainstorming what I'm going to do with this blog, (which I will reveal soon)

I work at the Honolulu Academy of Arts: at Linekona
and my job there is to assistant teach "Art Camp" which is 1 class from 7:45 to 2:45 that consists of 20 1st through 3rd graders...
its no cake walk

But we've made some cool art in the class so far
such as this totem pole
how cool is that!?!!

anywho as INSANE as these children are (and believe me, they really are)
 they've sort of inspired me as well

I've rediscovered my love of plastic jewelry, cotton, and snap
despite the fact that I'm 18, my style has become positively jejune!!

here are a few outfits I've worn throughout the week
oh and its been Alice in Wonderland themed this week at camp

Pink top: Betsy Johnson
90's floral jumper: deerheartvintage 
Dinosaur backpack: Gymboree 
Gummybear Earring: Gift from my pal Elise (I lost the other one)
Gold Teddybear earrings: Imyourpresent
Slap bracelet watch: found in my house...hahaha
Beaded bracelet: My first rave when I was 16...oh lawdy lawd lawd

mushroom clip: Homemadeworld (aka best Etsy store EVER)

socks: Costco
Shoes: Converse paint, all by accident

I quite enjoyed this outfit because it was all so soft, also the jumper allowed me some leg mobility while running after small children, but was also as pretty as any other dress! The bright colors were fun and instantly put me in a groovy mood, and come on, I had a mushroom clip on, if that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what would! 

Today at camp we painted the roses red!
and we had a very merry unbirthday

Sailor Striped top: Pins & Needles from Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Forever21

Barrel of Monkeys earrings from my sister,
and believe me, these got a barrel of compliments
(forgive the awkward angle)

note to self, don't put angora socks in the wash or they will be like trying to put sausage casing on an elephant foot...jus sayin

This outfit was fun too, the shorts reminded me of my FAVORITE scene in Alice in Wonderland
I've always loved flowers, as a kid whenever we played pretend my fake name was always a flower name: Daisy, Rosey, Sunflower-y, etc which led to the rule created by sister "NO FLOWER NAMES," my heart was crushed!

I still love flowers quite a lot.
Its sad, since I don't live on a farm anymore I dont get grow my own plants, and there is nothing more rewarding than planting a flower and watching it grow, I hear its similar to raising a child....sorta

that also leads me to another favorite childhood reference I should mention
hop to 1:21

oh goodness I miss the 90's!

Friday was eventful...so eventful I forgot to take pictures hahaha
my room is a work in progress hahaha

Coheed & Cambria Shirt: Hot topic
Skirt: Forever21
French Bulldog Earrings: Betsy Johnson
oh and I found this amazing pollypocket watch/toy/thing at GoodWill

my sister got this AMAZING wig for the Harry Potter premiere (she's going to be Luna) and I had myself a little photoshoot
I also got this bandeau and ruffley skirt from Betsy Johnson
its one of the best outfits that has ever happened to me!

so as you can tell, I'm inspired again!

I've a whole bunch of ideas for my blog and for you guys and all of that good stuff that I will save for my next post (which I'll write later today)
but yes
I miss you all, I want to make sure you guys know how much I love you so I'm going to try to comment more and blog more and just be on more! 

Let me know if you have any questions for me!
also I have a new video up on youtube!

Talk to you guys super soon,
please Keep it sassy,

PS: look at this unicorn painting I fixed



  1. Dear Caelan,
    I love you so very much and I so very much love your style. I wish I could go to your art camp and/or live in your house with you. You are so awesome and good at outfits and stuff and yeah.

  2. I always have about 6 million things to comment on with your posts and by the time I get down here, have forgotten most of them. Whooooooo is this special someone???? Also your art job sounds awesome. I love that you can wear whatever you want there. That totem pole is amazing and I want to make one NOW. Your wig pics are also rad. My friend and I are going to the midnight show for HP and are dressing as witches in general. What else??? You rule!!!