See, look guys, I'm posting! 
not leaving you high and dry!!

so I was beyond impressed with the feedback on my last post but alas, I still havent gotten around to responding, but I do read everything, I've just been ridiculously busy (which isnt anything new)

ANYWHO I've got inspiration up the ying yang and its the most delightful feeling ever.
Today's outfit is inspired by the 70's

I'm completely free today so I thought why not sew something, but my sister Devon stole the sewing machine, so I thought, why not look through the clothing I have to fix
and then I remembered that I bought this AMAZING dress on Haight Street that didnt fit right
and by "didnt fit right" I mean I was too fat for it when I tried it on but bought it anyway hoping I could fix it,
so I found it, and tried it on and awesomely enough IT FIT! I felt like OJ Simpson, except, the dress did fit...yeah 

and while I'm no decade or fashion expert this is what I came up with.

The dress as I mentioned was from a little store on Haight Street, San Francisco

and my friend Bianca sent me this detachable collar

I personally think this dress looks amazing with and without it

The print is so cute, and psychedelic and fun and yes. I love it quite a lot

oh and of course I had to wear these
They are super disco and I just love them. I found them at GoodWill  and knew I needed to have them
They are the gr00viest shoes I own and if they werent so hard to walk in, I'd wear them all the time.

Onto my lastest 70's esque obsessions
1) Tiki's- weirdly enough EVERYONE in my family is super obsessed with Tikis, they are all over my house
and they of course remind me of the Hawaii episode of The Brady Bunch
yall know what I'm talking about!

2) Multi-vitamin gummies...cause I'm cool...you can buy them at Costco...I eat them like candy

3) The book SuperGirls
which is "the autobiography of an outrageous business...how with brains, energy and imagination two young women set up their own business and had fun doing it"
The reviews on the back of the book are the best, I kid you not this is what they say:
"This book is dangerous dynamite. SuperGirls is subversive. These girls are, let's face it, almost the equal of men. Furthermore, for girls, they write suprisingly well."
CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT, it honestly just makes me laugh

4) Seurat- I just love pointillism so much

5) My baby Zeus-whom I need to take out more

6) Orange Juice, because I have a painfully sore throat and orange juice is the only thing that seems to be curing it. Is it just me or does everyone go through a weird phase where they are obsessed with Orange Juice...am I right or what??

7) Wild life! 

Any my makeup for this look

Forgive the weird lighting, I had to use selftimer and my kitchen light
so according to my mother, who was alive in the 70's haha, makeup was SUPER minimal, so I wore these three
1) Covergirl Outlast Lipstain in Raspberry 
2) Benefit BAD gal mascara in Plum
3) Benefit Boi-ing in shade 02 (cause I'm white as snow)
These three made for a very simple and nature look

but the lipstain wasnt the only color on my lips
I used cherries and black berries to give my lips a darker shade
not only is the look pretty and cheap but my lips also taste delicious!! 
I recommend it to anyone!

This tea set is apparently from the 40's but I thought it tied my inspiration, outfit and color scheme together, perfectly! 

I hope this post gives you some gr00vy inspiration, and if you make an outfit inspired by mine or just by the 70s let me know! 

and I leave you with some Brady Bunch stills

Goddamnit these girls are whiny!

Keep it sassy yall,

this is the first time in Sasssquatch history for me to wear my hair in a middle part.
I have this funky cowlick and this irrational fear that I look like Steve Perry with my hair middle parted
but I did it!
and while I don't think I'll rock this rock daily, I dont think it looks that bad!
okay now I'm done



  1. Those Brady Bunch quotes are hilarious. I need to have a Brady Bunch marathon. I love your fruit-stain lips!! Such a cool idea. And that dress is amazing!

  2. wonderful dress!

    i like the middle part! it's tres chic!

  3. "A high school boy really thinks I'm groovy?" - that made me laugh. ;) You look amazing. I'm in love with the Peter Pan collar. :)

  4. Thank you for the comment ^^
    Usually, I have ideas but I am a mess with manual stuff...
    Don't work too much and enjoy your summer!!