now I mention the idea of "inspiration club" to yall a few posts ago
and if yall want to add me on FB we could make a group
but until then, I was thinking this post could be an open forum for different ideas and suggestions that we all feel free to steal.

I thought I'd just list a ton of different blog post suggestions and you could do the same in the comments and when one is feeling uninspired they could go back to this page and find an idea they might like and post it!

if you think a google doc would be a better idea we can do that too, but this is a good start I think.

I'll list the first 20 thoughts off the top of my head:

1. Wes Anderson Themed Post
2. An outfit based on a song (I've been meaning to think of an outfit for any Neutral Milk Hotel song)
3. Recipe post, (I know some of yall have some mean recipes we could all share)
4. Cowboys vs. Indians
5. Librarians vs. Barbarians 
6. Have your mom or your friends or your mail man dress you (maybe not your mailman...)
7. A post dedicated to Boy Meets World
8. A post about your childhood, (including pictures)
9. A Make-up tutorial (especially if you've never done one before)
10. A political post
11. An outfit inspired by your favorite literary characters (I've been meaning to do a Looking For Alaska inspired post)
12. An Empire Records inspired post (cause Liv Tyler is just brilliant)
13. A post with your boo, or your best friend
14. A post from the place you find most inspirational
15. A post about Costco!
16. A post of only pictures, no words!
17. A Gwen Stefani inspired post
18. Write a short story for a post
19. An outfit inspired by your favorite Artist (currently mine is Seurat)
20. A post about donuts. (please do this one, I'll put your pictures on my donut blog)

I also hope this post will introduce all my blogspot friends to each other, because I love you all so much!
let me know if you use any of these and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contribute your own ideas

yall can add me on fbizzle
but also for penpal related things 
my email is caelan_hughes@yahoo.com (creative I know)

ALSO ALSO, if you're active on any other social networking sights (tumblr, youtube, devianart...myspace?) LET ME KNOW, I'd love to see all your work and how talented you guys are!
I hope some people respond or I'm just gonna feel dumb hahaha

now I will talk to you all later
keep it sassy,


  1. I love this! I may just use it for my tumblaaa

  2. Great idea! Even though I'm not actually a fashion blog I'll probably end up doing some of these. I think I just got a little too excited about #15. EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO A COSTCO POST THOUGH. I'm gonna get on that after I go there this week.
    And I guess I did #8 a while ago: http://visualconfections.blogspot.com/2011/06/why-are-you-staring-at-me-stop-staring.html

  3. this is such a lovely idea! i'm totally in! create a fb group/fan page. it's easiest for people to join and contribute ideas i think.

  4. I posted a photo of me and my beau in my last post. Friends, please?

  5. I would love to be part of this! So keenbeans.

  6. I love this!!! I'm at work right now and tapped out for blog ideas, but am def down to swap ideas! I'm going to add you on FB.

  7. I love #11! Way back when before I made my blog I wanted to ONLY post outfits inspired by fictional characters.. but....
    I don't know if you have read Stargirl by jerry spinelli but one of her outfits is green tights with bug pins down the side of one leg. This is my planned outfit for the 1st day of school. Along with a pink wig.

    Anyways great ideas!