And The Living's Easy?

so I've been busy and uninspired 

but last I told you I have a surprise for yall


I died my hair,

and cut it

not a lot but still 

I feel fresh and exciting and a bit edgy!

BIG NEWS my work was featured on the cover of Moxxee Magazine

you guys should SERIOUSLY check out this website
its a great magazine
(I bought three) 
so leave a comment and I'll put all the names into a random search thing and then it'll pick a winner at random yay magazines!!

Other updates,
well to be honest as I mentioned earlier I'm quite uninspired. I've been working at this local boutique like a mad woman and I start up my second job at an art camp next week which means even less of my time will be free, but I will try my hardest to be here for you guys because I love you all!

I have this idea, if you're feeling blog uninspired to join me in an attempt to find inspiration
I was thinking we could give each other blog posts ideas and collab because lets face it, you guys are my greatest source of inspiration and I'd like to get to know each of you better! so PLEASE hit a sister up because I think we could make this a super cool interconnected sort of thing!

so enough talking here are a compilation of pictures from the past few weeks!
well it was 1,000 for  alittle bit :(

and a quick outfit!
Romper from Forever21
strapless striped leotard from American Apparel
Heart shaped sunnies from Hot Topic
no shoes for the summer

I've also made a few videos for you to enjoy!

let me know what you think!

I hope you are all having a ridiculously sassy summer and please do let me know about the collab thing!
keep it sassy,


  1. Ohmygoodness that train track looks awesomeee!?!? I assume it's abandoned, right?
    && I want to be in the magazine! I'll enter in your little black hat raffle! :3

    Love, Octopi-
    [but now daisiess]

  2. unicorn poster???? WHAT? so jealous....
    i have been long awaiting a sassy post from you and this is a wonderful reward!
    i will so join your inspiration club/magazine raffle yess pweease

    aand last but not least since it's my first week of vacation i am going thrifting on thursday! wadddupwaddup

    love always, limey

  3. I'll join the inspiration club!! Although most of the inspiration stuff I have saved on my computer and cyanide and happiness comics...
    And oh my gosh!! That marching band jacket!! Awesome!!! Maybe you can sew buttons where the velcro is so it doesn't look weird if you where it open...?

  4. Now I'm sure: you're simply fantastic <3

  5. Your hair looks amazing!! I love the pics towards the middle of just what you've been up to, and your videos. It's so cool to see people whose blogs you follow talk. PS, I'm trying to add pen pals to my summer to-do list. Want in???

  6. ahh congrats on your magazine cover! That is so incredible, how did that even happen! I iss you blogging but then again i never actually blog, i am just always here...waiting... for other people to post something. Anyway I have been meaning to send you something for ages , do you think you could possibly message me your address on facebook or tumblr because I seem to have lost it. Thanks a bundle!

  7. Congrats on the magazine cover! That's so freakin' awesome! The hair looks awesome as well. I can't watch the videos, cause I'm in school, but I will when I'm not. :)

  8. So cool! Love this post. How's the snail mail going? If you need a pen pal, I'm here! :P

  9. You inspire me like crazy!!! How did you get on a magazine?? I would so love to do some collab stuff with you!