One Hell of a Week!

So I need to summarize the past week, since I havent been on
and since it was crazy eventful!
so starting from last week Tuesday,
it was the awards assembly at my school!
Every department has several awards and I was fortunate enough to receive 3 awards! Crazy eh?
I got the creative writing award,
the onstage theatre award
and the social studies award!
My parents and I were so excited!!

I was on cloud 9!!!!!!

Then I sold one of my flower crowns and went to a pizza party that night!
my sisters boyfriend Ben is a pizza master!
Noah, Kace & Roldz
2 kittens lost their mittens
Pizza D!
Homemade pizza and awesome company is seriously the best, almost better than Cat Steven vinyls on repeat! 

Then came Wednesday
This day was my last official day of school and to say it was awesome is an understatement
My mom wanted to get a photo of me on my last day of highschool ever
oh and this is what my uniform looks like incase you were wondering!

So typically the last day of school is used to sign yearbooks and our last uniforms! I got hands drawn on my boobs and a drawing of Morgan Freeman on my thigh

It was just a fun, free, full of spirit day!

I photographed my last donut

and Karissa's

We are seriously passionate about donuts and being seniors.
Partying went down

and at the very end of the day we rang our school bell, as a class
It was a really sweet way to end a really sweet day!

Then I had a job interview to get too!
so I blasted out of school and to the interview 
and after it was done, on my way home I got a call offering me the job!
I start tomorrow at a local business called Cinnamon Girl and I'm excited! I've never worked retail before! So I'll let you know how that goes!

Then that night was exciting cause I picked up my best friend in the entire world from the airport.
I made him this sign
and we wore matching t-shirts!

So after waiting for him in the airport for an hour, we were finally reunited! AND IT WAS AWESOME!
We then went drove home to an awesome playlist of our favorite songs  and then chilled at my local park at night!

Now onto Thursday 
I woke up with my best friend in my house!

So then we got all sassy,
and headed out for a day on the island!

We drove around, visited friends, stopped at many parks
Then we stopped at Kaimuki! We visited GoodWill and we purchased a velvet button-down, the Waynes World soundtrack AND this little friend

His name is sir beastington!!

Then my beast got us slurpees

Then we smoked some hookah

and I made this little gem!

It was awesome
then we headed back up to our favorite park

And I convinced him to take his shirt off....just for the hell of it
Then I dropped him off at a school thing and I napped
then we hung out later and he slept over agian

then onto Friday
so I had one more final to take before I could get my diploma
so I woke up,
Dropped Tem off, 
Took my final
then onto graduation practice
then onto the University of Hawaii Lab School's graduation
I knew a ton of the kids that graduated so it was really fun to see them all graduate!
Especially my dear friend Forest
Maria is extremely passionate!

That night ended with a good cry and a long drive with my sisters
Gosh I love sisters and my swagger wagon!

Then Saturday that was a very chill day
I didnt do much
I slept a lot
and my night ended with getting ice cream with a few friends and a nice long drive

and I actually really can't recall what I did on Sunday

but Monday was the senior reception where I schmoozed and cruised with my teachers wearing this bouncy pink seer-sucker Betsy Johnson dress
(if yall really want to see a full picture of the dress HIT ME UP)

THEN my sister Kelsey and I were feeling like Bad-asses  so we got all dressed up and headed down to waikiki for a piercing!

and believe me, that cartilage piercing hurt like a mofo!

this was my excited face


luckily at the tattoo parlor there was this picture to distract us from the pain


I woke up this morning and went to the senior breakfast
I didnt take many pictures of this memory fest
but here is one of me and my best friend Elise whom I've known since 1st grade!!
forgive my fugly face

Its from Betsy Johnson and I'm obsessed

so tonight is my graduation!
I leave in 10 minutes so I'm not going to proof read this post!
I'll post a ton of photos for yall after tomorrow and wish me luck!!!!


ALWAYS keep it sassy,



  1. So much to comment on!!! Congrats on your awards and graduating and getting that job!! I work retail, in a women's consignment shop that's really chill, but working with the public will make you want to bang your head against the wall seven times a day.

    The pizza party, day with your bff, and new piercing trip all look super fun. I spent most of this post wondering, why don't more of my weeks look like this?

  2. Congrats!! I'm for seears going to send you that package

    send me yo infooo

    that cartilage looks painful but soo badass

    and yees i would like to see the full dress

    ruv, limey

  3. Congrats on graduating!! Well graduating tonight!! But tonight already happened considering it's Thursday... anyways!!
    Sounds like a crazy week!! The piercing looks great!!