Nifty Thrifter.

So you guys are in for a proper update and since I've thrifted recently, I thought I'd shove it all together

I went shopping at two different GoodWill locations recently and this is what I got!
1) This very Danny Partridge geometric polyester shirt!
the only downside is that it REEKS of old lady perfume, therefore it needs about 3 more washings before its actually wearable.

2) This handmade limegreen and pink dress
It reminds me of those princess dresses you wear as a little kid! It makes me want to spin in circles!!!

3) This Thelma & Louise/ Dolly Parton jean jacket
so I bought this after my Thelma & Louise post
regardless, it may be the sassiest clothing item I own in my closet!
it has rhinestones and iridescent pearl buttons AND CHIFFON SLEEVES, it is amazing to say the least

4) This sweet pink knit shirt.
it is simple
soft and doesnt smell weird,
I'm a happy camper.

5) This Bill Cosby sweater
 The only flaw is that it is itchy as my skin after a night at middle school camp sans mosquito repellent 
I also got the Sabrina the Teenage Witch soundtrack
I'm basically in heaven.

now in this art class I took I was really inspired by the work of Portia Munson
and her all pink plastic instillations

she collected many pink plastic items in a comment on society and the color that is culturally loaded and has been projected on us since our birth

and since I realized how many pink items I have, I thought why not make my own instillations. 
It consists of: pink doc marten, Bed Head's "afterparty", pink bear cell phone holder, OPI's nail polish "pinking of you," 3 pink curlers, 2 pink retainers, pink hello kitty cup, pink small bloody bear, 2 pink candy hair ties, pink rose bangle, pink tiny kaleidoscope, pink smily mug, pink sunglasses, pink heart shaped earring, Betsy Johnson lotion, tiny pink monster, tiny pink dinosaur, tiny pink transformer, pink button, pink bracelet, pink retainer case, pink pin wheel, pink donut, pink terry cloth teddy bear and pink brochure to study abroad in London. 

2 upcloses:

and I've made two videos

I'll be doing another obsession post soon, 
forgive me absence!! 


  1. Bill Cosby= yesss. Actually any awesome sweater.

  2. I LOVE THE BILL COSBY SWEATER! One of my favorite things you own! I'll email you about the package trading :) Seeing your awesome clothes got me excited

  3. I also sorta hate saying hi to people. To me the worst is strangers. People around here get SUPER offended if you pass them on the street and don't say hi.

    That jacket is crazy cool.