Long time no blog eh?


blerg is how I've been feeling.
This past week has been such a roller coaster of emotions I feel like crying out of happiness, frustration and anxiety just writing this.
but alas, I'm a blogger, and I think yall should be informed of my life and my wear abouts for the past week 

so bring on the blerg

okay so starting LAST LAST friday the 13th
someone had the idea of dressing 90's because ya know,  it was our last free dress fridays, I was given my free dress privileges back and it was worth celebrating  

so I was super excited, I love 90s fashion so much, plus its like an extra spirit day!

so I thought, why the heck not.
But then when I came to school, I quickly realized that everyone else forgot.
so here I am wearing this.

while everyone else is in casual wear
But, then, when my confidence in my friends was at an all time low, I see Karissa and she just warmed my heart.
Not only did she look fabulously 90's BUT SHE WORE COWPRINT
if this isnt a true friend/soul sister, I don't know what is

She is wearing a vintage red turtleneck
along with a cowprint vest and skirt from a local consignment store

and yes that is a foot tattoo you see, here is what it says

"when you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you"

how cute eh?

onto my ensemble

Forgive my pedophile face and desperate need of a haircut
I'm wearing not only a choker,
but a thin sleeveless button down from American Apparel
and Jordache overalls from GoodWill
I'm also wearing a flannel from J.Crew

Urban Outfitters socks and Doc Martens

but my best touch might just have to be my scrunchie

and while we were taking these pictures I was joined by my sassy friends

...too much sass


anywho then I had an insane weekend that involved me drinking with a teacher but since I left my camera locked in the drama room, I'll explain using .gifs

so I went to this bongo drum session called "yogarden" with my dear friend Maria
I saw my exboyfriend
so atfirst I was like this

and it was like triple awkward talking to him, I died, I never ever planned on ever seeing him again so that was quite the shock
once the bongos got hit I was more like,

 plus I had some kava
 Then I saw this dreamboat who played in the band and he was all

and so I was all

and after dancing a lot he texted me asking me to hang out and I was all

<3 what a dream!!
so then we drove over to his casa, but it turned out to be a quiet wine party which fine BUT THEN one of his friends brought his drunk sister over and his drunk sister also happens to be one of my teachers WHICH IS AWESOME
so I was all

it was just awesome
so then the party got old, and we headed to our fried Aja's
she threw a mini houseparty
I ended up cuddeling with new friends
but then I finally slept

 Then at 6 I woke up in the arms of that weirdo and felt gross
so I got outta bead and headed to my car, walking in the early morning in my party dress I felt like I was in skins

then I showered went to my other friends house and ate a reeses nutella banana crepe

and then I drove all the way home listening to Simon & Garfunkel

it was quite the night

Monday rolled around and after a regular school day and a dentist appointment I went to a peer leader banquet at my school

This whole year I was a peer leader for my school, which means I got a  middle school hui (or homeroom) and I got to mentor the kids sorta, We led discussions with them, and went to camp etc...

here is a picture from camp

so this past monday was a reception for all the peer leaders were they gave us Seniors awards and some people cried and we ate lots of pizza.
It was fun!
it was at my school and it really was lovely

I wore this vintage dress that I bought on haight street
with the craziest collar
I felt very regal

then they gave us innertubes and so me and Karissa felt inclined to stand like Demons.

but here is a better look at the funky pattern on my dress

I'm such a d3m0n.

After the party thang
we headed back to Karissas house where I saw for the first time ever, a very clean Karissa room!
I had to document it

I also saw this thing
.....she would

then we went on a midnight stroll 

It was a beautiful full moon

and despite the fact that I havent finished updating yall on everything

I'm tired and frustrated and I will talk to yall later.

keep it sassy yall,


  1. Whoa that sounded like a crazy week!! It must have been even crazier seeing your teacher drunk!!

  2. I LOVED WHAT YOU WORE, both outfits, but man, those dungarees and flannel tied around your waist.. so great. hahah! sounds like a luuffly weekend, I love walking home in the wee hours of the morning wearing party clothes :)

  3. cowprint!
    and i love your nineties outfit. I was there with you, in spirit!! (rhyming!)

    I am going to be a peer leader next year, how exciiiting!!

    anyway i haven't blogged for awhile toooo, so dont feel bad!!

    ruv limey

  4. you are so freaking adorable, love your outfit!

  5. boy this is a long post! Your week sounds awesome. I adore the award ceremony dress and also the overalls! I want a pair so baby. I babysit an super cool 9 year old (she designs and sews her own clothing!) and she just got thr cutest little pair!

  6. I love this post!! Your 90s outfit, Karissa's 90's outfit, the story about your weekend (although I'm confused which weirdo's arms you woke in...), your psychedelic dress, your late-night stroll pics!!! Sweet life, brah.