I'm still here!

First off let me just note that I have been INCREDIBLY busy lately (as you can assume) so fear not I'll respond to all comments and check out all your blogs and all that you've been up to after I finish writing this, because, to be honest...I miss you all. Yes I've admitted it! I MISS YOU GUYS LIKE CRAZY CAKES!!

so last post I left off on the morning of Graduation so I thought I'd show you some highlights of my Highschool graduation!

To begin, I go to an all girls school in Honolulu called La Pietra: Hawaii School for Girls
Its a small school on the slopes of diamond head and its just lovely.
I'm also in a tiny class, in sixth grade there was only 13 of us and I graduated in a class of 25.

Since I live in Hawaii, my school takes a more traditional Hawaiian approach for graduation. We wear Muu'muu's, haku leis, maile leis and are barefoot the entire ceremony

living in Hawaii, I find this extremely sweet and sentimental 
plus, lets be honest, our outfits are much cuter than cap and gown.

Our class song was a medley of Come Sail Away by Styx, The Call by Regina Spector and Count on Me by Bruno Mars, which at first I wasn't crazy about, but it ended up sounding really good!

We also perform a hula,
and believe it or not, I took hula lessons for 6 years!

So we had a guest speaker and two speeches but the main thing I was focusing on was getting that diploma!!

you're looking at an official La Pietra Alum/High School Graduate!

And I couldn't be more excited!!

The best part about a graduation in Hawaii is after the diplomas are given out and you are greeted by your friends and family
because in Hawaii you get leis!

a lot of leis
Its how you celebrate here!
I got flower leis, fake flower leis, candy leis, inflatables, feather boas, and even a gold chain from my friend Aja

I was tickled bright red in excitement! So many of my sweet nice friends showed up and it just warmed my heart knowing that I have so many people in my life that care about me!

and on an awesome note, I DID NOT CRY! AYYOOOOO

So since then it has just been a busy whirling dervish of excitement and busy-ness

the day after grad I started my new job, which is at this local boutique called Cinnamon Girl which has been crazy! I've never worked retail before and I never realized how fun/scary/exciting it can be! All retail workers deserve A LOT of credit!

I also went to a surprise birthday party for my friend Sasssman at PF.Changs

and the next day had DOUBLE grad parties,
first for my friend Caitlyn

then for my friend Allia, but I only took one picture there and it was with my best friend Tem
cl@$$y N $@$$Y
he's a kiwi dontcha know!

that day I wore this sassy dress from Armani Exchange

I felt like a real housewife!

the rest of my time has just been spent either: working or with my best friend!

but I promise to blog more! After today's closing shift, I don't have work till friday!
Oh and tomorrow I'm doing something with my hair, so be prepared for a surprise!

I hope all of you have a lovely sunday/ lovely week!
I miss you all so much 
and let me know what graduations are like where you are from, or how you're highschool graduation went! 

PLEASE keep it sassy,


  1. I FRICKEN LOVE COME SAIL AWAY. That is so cute! Ever since they played that song at the prom in Freaks and Geeks, I want to go to a prom in america and dance to come sail away!!
    you're so fricken cute with all the lais'

    must swap playlists.. I'm thinking to make them theme orientated? xxx

  2. i love you my sassy amigo. please come live with me

  3. Your graduation looks so amazing!!! I'm so jealous and want to immediately move to Hawaii. Hula dancing and leis!! And I love your Armani dress. Totes hot.

  4. What a beautiful graduation!! You look so pretty!! Why is it everyone's already out of school? California schools get out so late-- mine is June 24.

    xxo Genevieve

  5. Awhh congratulations! These are amazing. x hivenn

  6. YOU LUCKY DUCK! CONGRADUULATIONS. I love how surreal everyone looks. I think I'm going to crash a Hawaiian graduation ceremony now

    1. so many leis
    3. you look gorgeous!


  8. I'm glad you're still here! ;) I wish I could've worn a muu'muu and lei to my graduation, that's freakin' awesome! And I love the Armani Exchange dress, it fits perfectly. :)

  9. Your graduation is beautiful! I love how it isn't completely traditional! :3

  10. Congratulation!!
    Soon I will be diplomat too... But probably I will cry...
    And your dresses were amazing!

  11. I love how you celebrate!! The outfits were so lovely, especially the flower wreaths :D
    oh my gosh i wish we could play dress up in real life too!