I'm Only Happy When It Rains.

So yesterday this happened
(pc: Allia)
(pc: Bianca Batten)

and then my power went out.

so my first reaction is of course to sit on my floor, in my towel, begging zeus to zap my house with a lightening bolt in hopes our electricity would restart

that didnt happen,

So my parents decided to get food, it was MASS HYSTERIA, the streetlights were out and it was raining cats and dogs  morbidly obese Americans, goddamn water spout.

so after we stopped somewhere and got a chicken burrito we scurried back home.

I changed into my onezie from J.Crew

I then lit some candles in my dark room, I felt like something out of a Sophia Coppola film

then I started listening to Elliott Smith during the crazy thunder
and my rain playlist

I then spent the rest of my evening reading private facts-court cases to my parents by lantern light

then the power was back on
and my dad returned to watching Dancing With the Stars
and my mom made me a cup of tea

it was a successful night if you ask me.


keep it sassy yall,


  1. during a storm of rain I put on my fake chandelier that makes a nice glow in my room, put a david bowie album on and sew.
    wait that's like.. every night

  2. I haven't lost power in a while during a storm, but something about lighting candles and being unplugged sounds very relaxing in my over-teched life.

  3. I love stormy nights!! I keep a mini flashlight next to my bed just in case of a power outage. I'm no fun.
    I love lighting candles though during storms!!
    Haha raining morbidly obese Americans

  4. Storms are lovely and so is your onesie and so are you! what if they had a donut that tasted like the rain. I like the taste of the rain so do not judge, it is fresh and delicious.

  5. I love it when it rains and storms. We don't get much rain where I live but when we do the power usually goes out because the power lines near my house are bad. I LOVE LIGHTING CANDLES DURING STORMS. It makes me feel like I'm in a scary story.

  6. I love it when it rains late.it's relaxing and good wheather to eat cookie dough and read books. I love your footie pajamas! They are amazing and fantastic and awessommmeee!!!!!!!!

  7. are you wearing a onesie??? OMYGOD YOU ARE BAD TO THE BONE :) seeing as you're my new best friend we need to do a package exchange. I'll start getting mine reading for you! and yes please to the kimono :)