I am a Rock

Oh hey yall!
So I was super excited to write this when I took the pictures yesterday, but then this happened

and I was like

but then I just checked right now and it was working again!
and I was like

now, onto my outfit

so yesterday was a calm day.
people pissed me off (as usual) and "me time" was necessary
so I brought my computer outside, listened to Simon & Garfunkel and frolicked in this beautiful dress

this dress was a hand-me-down (or as I called them as a 5-year-old, "hammy downs")
it went from China to Devon to Kelsey to moi!

and boy is it a marvelous dress

I wore this to the dentist too....

I'd like to consider myself a free spirit
feeling groovy,
and sometime I find it hard to let go of my controlling ways, I want the world to be as lovely as my dreams
but when I just let go and forget it all thats when I am at peace

I love this dress because of the see-through lace

footloose and fancyfree

nothing beats the sweet soft air in Hawaii
or how the sun tickles me everyday
and how I can almost taste the sweet summer 
man, I hate highschool

something that I dont hate right now is Simon & Garfunkel
Not only are they adorable in a nerdy dorky way, but they are so incredibly talented!
The songs the wrote are just beautiful and their harmonies are simply divine!

If you love good folk and you love good harmonies, I'd check them out!
plus their music is the soundtrack for The Graduate EFF YES!!

check out these songs, they are my favorite:

One  part of Highschool I dont hate is the literary magazine!
I was the editor this year,
it is a compilation of poems, short stories, etc all from my classmates

this years theme was the ocean

how lovely does this look?

and I got to add this little friend at the very back

so I hope you all had a lovely friday the 13th,
keep it sassy,


  1. I AM A ROCK I AM AN IIIIIIIIIISLAAAAND, you forgot Celia. Man whenever that song plays on the record I HAVE to get up and dance.
    YAY! simon and garfunkel represe'ent
    oh that dress! I saw one just like it in blue and silk on etsy and I've been wanting to get it, glad there are others that love renaissance 70s dresses as much as I :)

    exoh exoh

  2. I love your dress. That pic of you laying in the grass is precious. And your literary journal!! Great job! The cover looks amazing.

  3. Ahh, that dress, it's so sweet! It's perfect for summer, i want one a bit like that :D
    Love the little Sasssquatch drawing at the back of that poetry book, so cute, hehe!

  4. I envy you and your radical dress :)

  5. I couldn't wait to tell you that you're on the cover of moxee's spring print edition girl. :) I just thought you might check your comments before email and totes wanted you to know: http://moxeemagazine.com/blog/more-moxee-spring-2011-print-edition

    xx Bre @ moxeemagazine.com


    I was so in love with her. Ah, good times.

    You look fabulous - Loveeee the dress. So summery. PERFECT.