When on Haight street, Do as the Haitians.

Hey yall,

so this was my outfit from friday

I bought it on haight street, so as I said "when in Haight street, do as the haitians" haha

anywho I wore this poly/nylon jumper all day and I got the strangest responses

I've never felt more like Sam Weir in my life

Don't get me wrong, I love this jumper and I'm fully confident in my style and what I wear.
But having so many people give me the weirdest looks and make comments like "WOAH WOAH WOAH THE 70'S ARE BACK" got old, really fast.

but sometimes I guess you just have to let the haters do their job

For example, I was talking about how much I want a baby (for my illustrious teenage dream to be on Teen Mom 3.....I kid)
and my teacher said,
"well you won't have to worry about getting pregnant dressed like that"
I don't know about yall,
but I just don't think that is okay

between us it made me sad, I guess when I live in my own bubble I forget how sensitive I am to the judgement of others,

but I'm working on it and so should yall!

by the end of the day I was rocking my outfit like no other.
John Travolta would be proud.


I wore my flesh colored clogs

 my mothers hoop earrings

and this is an up close of the print!

and while I usually photograph a ton of my friends
I could only find Karissa during lunch
but her cuteness makes up for my lack of other models

Her shirt is from our local consignment store TheClothesChic
her leggings are from American Apparel
and her boots....I cannot recall! 

she made a friend with this little lady bug

oh and her dreamcatcher earrings are also from Haight Street

so swifty!

So my school day was alright,
It was mothers lunch which is delicious (the moms of the school come in and make food for everyone)
Then I had play practice and got my costume, I can't wait to show yall!

Then play practice was over
I got ready and picked up
Sasssman and Keili-bear!!
we headed to visit Karissa at work then off to Chinatown!

This is Sassman she is SUPA KAWAII!!!

and this is Keili-bear she has the best attitude EVER

so we wandered around in chinatown during First Friday which is basically when local artists put up all their work around chinatown and everyone goes clubbing
anywho the chinatown is ALIVE and its so much fun!

SO we wandered into so many stores, Sasssman brown-bagged a 4loko

The city was alive and so was I!

arent'y they cute!

then oh gosh, Sasssman  gave this man my camera to take a picture
I was scared out of my wits that he would just cockaroach that thing and I wouldn't have KARL!


he gave it back

and all is fine
in fact it was a very successful friday!

Keep it sassy,


  1. i love that you dress like you want and dont give a hit, and its normal to feel like that sometimes but dont quit dressing like you do i love your style! :) cheers from mexico i think i just have eadily post this on tumblr but i was already here so :)

  2. I love the jumper! Don't worry that always happens to me tooo. no one ever wears long skirts to my school, so whenever i do people call me amish

    oh well!!!


  3. you are thee cutest!!
    and portland does a similar thing but ours are "last thursday" hahaha

  4. Gurllll, you rock that jumper! Haters gonna hate. Be proud because if anyone else wore it- me, Sophie, anyone really- it would be costumey but you make it look like sassy as all get out.

  5. OMG how did I miss this post the other day? Loooove this outfit!! So rad. Karissa looks lovely, as always.

  6. your colourful jumpsuit is totally rad - love it.

    xx m.