"The Quirky Best Friend"

I have this theory.
That as my style quickly develops and becomes more and more fun, quirky and quasi-extravagant
I'm stepping down from the lead role in the movie that is my life, and taking on the role as the "quirky best friend"

At first when that thought crossed my mind, I felt strange about it,
but then I realized that while that may not be typical,
it is totally the best role.

My few favorite examples of this are:

Dion from Clueless,
Despite Cher's amazing color coordinated computer programmed closet
Dion's crazy hats, monochromatic outfits, braids and SASSSY attitude clearly outshine Ms. Horowitz

That ginger from Wizards of Waverly Place
Yes, I'm not too proud to admit I watch Disney Channel still.
Regardless, this ginge is annoying, but her style is quirky to say the least, I figured she was worth mentioning. I think she needs a donut outfit...jus saying

Rayanne Graff from My So Called Life
words cannot describe my love for her style.
and while I love the earth tones and flannel Angela wore, NOTHING COMPARES

and of course Duckie from Pretty in Pink 
I still dont understand why Molly Wringwald chose Andrew McCarthy over this smooth criminal! His style is so fun! and he is so cute!


This was one of my more "normal" outfits according to my friends
One of my classmates said "WOW CAELAN, I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS OUTFIT"
I was about to yell "AS OPPOSED TO WHAT? MY JUMPSUIT!!"

people are tools.

This captain jacket is from ebay

Captain, my Captain.

I also wore this my sisters leotard.
My vintage fish belt
my Marc by Marc Jacobs  coin purse
and my wool skirt from Urban Outfitters

My Docs and H&M socks

Salut to your captain goddamnit!

now my friends!

Karissa is so sassy.
She's wearing a coat &tails from H&M
a vintage comic book dress
riding pants from American Apparel 
sparkly Toms

She's so cute!

Then there is Sophia
I didnt mean for this intense dramatic lighting!
but I can dig it!

The dress is from her Grandmother

And these shoes are from Aldo

So I dont know if yall remember
BUT I am in my school play
we are doing an abridged version of Into the Woods 
and I play Cinderella's stepmother

I feel like Glinda the Goodwitch...except the opposite
It's such a fun dress to spin around in, but I have threatened ANYONE who steps on it with a shanking, from me!

I couldn't be happier,

so we actually preform the show next week tuesday through saturday, so don't be surprised if I dont get to blog as frequently, I'll try my hardest but blogger is blocked at school :(

I hope you all have a wonderful day
tonight is prom

and we all need to KEEP IT SASSY,


  1. Karissa is so amazing. I mean, coattails? And no one looks that good on leggings. I sort of want to wear your costume, just like, around. I think quirky best friend is a good role. You're the interesting one. Those girls (and boys, Duckie) are always my favorite.

  2. such a pretty dress!! and sidekicks are the best. i'd rather be one than the star.

  3. I love your skirt. I need one, like now....and that bow is pretty intense.

  4. prom??!!
    yay! i love your outfit!
    that dress is super poofy, can you keep it?

  5. This outfit is as good as it gets! The captain jacket + the colours of the skirt + the skirt combined with Docs depicting some techno version of a guy's Catholic school girl fantasy = perfection. :)