This, That and The Otter.

Oh hey yall.
so this is sort of a post about the last few days and what-not
so here is a quick life update:
-The play is over
-The most annoying week of my life is over
-I finished the spring semester of my art classes

and I can finally breathe!!
I sort of feel like Michael Phelps post 08' olympics, pre-bong scandal...
and to be honest its such a lovely feeling!
Before this point my life consisted of Instant Star reruns and waterproof eyeliner
but now my life consists of a cleanroom, disney channel, a new planner and the warm fuzzy feeling of "almost graduating"

so on my first day off (this past sunday) I got to spend it with 2 of my favorite women!

First is my darling sister Kelsey
She's 5'1
and has purple hair!
This little sass is also the one who designed the graphics to my blog!
She's an art major at the University of Hawaii!

Her long lovely floral dress if from GoodWill

Her gumbi bag was a gift from her friend Emily

and I bought this rabbit ring for her at the Buffalo Exchange in Portland Oregon!
AINT SHE KY00T!?!?!?!
She reminds my of Miss Honey!

onto my ensemble

I was feeling sassy and very 90's, as I always am!
Sort of like the beginning of the film "Wish Upon A Star" or better yet, have any of you seen "Model Behavior"?!?!

Here is the first 10 minutes, I highly highly recommend it.

This outfit was super fun!
The dress and the mesh floral button down are from GoodWill

and my heart-shaped glasses are from H&M

This sassy tartan bag is from the "Tartan collection" from Mac

and of course my favorite flesh colored clogs
and little J.Crew socks

My outfit is inspired by

And I also spent the day with my Momma!

She is so cute and stylish!!
Her dress is from J.Crew
Her bag is Louis Vutton
Her glasses are Dior
And she is 100% fabulous

She has made me the classy and sassy girl that I am.
She's so kind, compassionate, humble and considerate!


ugh can she be any cuter or any more fabulous? I think not.
Oh and on a side note, I think she looks so much like Kate Middleton, it's RIDICULOUS!

So that sunday we went around the mall and ended up at Neiman Marcus
we got lunch

and may I just say this is my favorite meal....EVER
every SINGLE time I go there I get
-diet coke
-a chicken salad sandwich
and EXTRA corn relish, ( I swear its the nectar of the gods, I can't even describe how good it is)
and to say I enjoyed it was an understatement.

Oh a fun game I invendted:
Old Women or Karl Lagerfeld?
You know when you see an old person walking down the street with white hair and big glasses?
well sometimes you have to take a stepback and think, "is that an old woman or Karl Lagerfeld"
I face this problem all the time.

now onto other miscellaneous news.

I love barbeque sauce...AND MY NEW BETSY JOHNSON SHORTS

I've been looking EVERYWHERE for shorts like this.
and I got a new Kate Spade planner, I FEEL SO ORGANIZED!!!

AND I GOT A GRAD DRESS, but I'll wait till Graduation to show you what it looks like.

so basically this past week wasnt the best,
I was in a weird place mentally, but I've been feeling LOADS better and really trying to take things in a positive route,
I'm kinda like Elle woods in that scene wear she turns her life around.
Except less pink.

Anywho I hope you are all doing well
I love you all,
keep it sassy,


  1. Loooove forever. Those tortoise shell glasses are amazing.
    And speaking of Ms. Honey, I was watching Matilda on VCR! How'd you know. You rascal Sasssquatch.

  2. Hi!
    I follow your blog since a while and I think you're really funny and have a great style.
    Congratulation for the blog^^

  3. Dying over your sister's dress and that rabbit ring! Jealous! And your mom is too much. Seriously. Winner of the Chicest Mom Award.

  4. mmmm chicken salad!
    and mesh!!
    yay 90s babies!

  5. Thanks for the comment! :D
    Wow, i love all of your outfits, you're all looking great! And the Betsy Johnson shorts are lovely, i like them a lot! :)


  6. Your Betsey Johnson shorts are adorable! I love your outfit with the sheer floral top! I love how you posted photos from My Date With the President's Daughter and mentioned Model Behavior! I haven't seen those movies in so long! :D

  7. that tartan bag looks like Versus!