Goodbye April. YOU SUCKED

While looking at my blog after I posted yesterday, I noticed something.

I wrote 47 posts in December and only
9 in April


well this month sucked
so here is probably one of my last posts and it is just going to be a random mix of my latest obsessions

bill murray, donut cat, bon jovi, liv tyler, thelma and louise, clueless, anthony kiedis, fiona apple wild shenanigans during production workshop, supercute, baby sasssquatch and friends

and a feww videos.


I dont really have much else to show.

keep it sassy,


  1. GOSH i love your blog ! :D sassy hehe

  2. Your video is hilarious!! I will never roll my eyes again!! :D
    Don't feel bad about not posting... I think I did 6 posts this month... no I tell a lie. 5.

  3. This is random but I love your last outfit post!! You have OVERALLS!!!! I love overalls!!!
    And thank you for your super awesome comment!!!!!

  4. Haha, i love that video...YOU ARE SO SASSY!!! I think i may only be secretly sassy ;)
    Also loving that doughnut cat!

  5. Jon Bon Jovi was my first celebrity crush, circa "Young Guns." A few years ago, my friend Matt stopped by this hole in the wall bar to have a beer after work, here in Richmond VA. He sat at the bar, which was full except for one empty seat directly beside him. The door opened, and in walked Jon Bon Jovi. Jon Bon Jovi sat beside my friend Matt, introduced himself, and proceeded to get Matt hammered. Jon Bon Jovi drank PBR's and then moved on to tequila. He was in town filming something. They hung out all night.

    I wish I was Matt that night.

  6. omg. you are sooo saasssy. and classy. I actually lovedd that video though. ALSO, I llovvve the ukele girls. awesome stuff

  7. fiona apple and Liv Tyler, FIONA APPLE AND LIV TYLER. I love them! did you know Liv Tyler only knew her father in her teens? Bebe Buelle kept the name of her real father until she was atleast 16! Whaaat!!