Frosted Lips, The better to kiss you with!

So since I've been kinda sad lately I thought I'd make a post about things I love and showing you all my new haircut!

so here is my new hair cut...I got BANGS

and I love my little stuffed animal, if I haven't introduced you yet, her name is Gloria Estefan Steinam

I've really been into the 60's lately (its probably after watching The Graduate) So I've very much been into frosted lip stick and light colors. 

This is my outfit.
Sequin vest from Buffalo Exchange
Light pink chiffon dress H&M
my favorite nude-clogs
vintage mint green earrrings

and this is my form, her name is Doreen

I was channeling Beyonce with these bangs

I might cut mine shorter next time around!

and a whole shebang of vintage jewelry

Onto other happy news!
yesterday was a poop day, but after my show I cam home to a package!
My persian friend Tymon sent me this wonderful package full of exciting treats 

It included a bunch of mixtapes
A book about Caring for Persians
a Bjork magnet
and a very sweet letter,

he is so sweet, he gives me hope for the opposite sex

I already put one of the mixes in my car and believe me, my mind was blown
it made my drive to school so much better!

If you can recall, I work at an Art Center and they were giving away a bunch of art for free
So this is what I snagged

a picture of the Council Chamber at the Capitol

This cool computer art

This cool chart!

A map of Native Dwellings in the Pacific Area

And this cool dude!!!

The other day at work was little Braden's 6th birthday
so I made him a crown out of construction paper
He was rather excited.

Here are other things I'm currently Obsessed with:

OH and I'm still in my school play
we are doing Into the Woods and I'm cinderella's stepmother

so on that note, I gotta do my makeup and eat a fast dinner!
so tootaloo for now
and girls who want to be penpals
-maddie & sophie

keep it sassy,


  1. ugh you're excellent never stop being awesome. i feel so lucky to have a bloggie buddie like you!!!!
    life sucks but you kind of have to work through it, i've decided being a teenager=having fun, and everything that isn't fun just won't do, including stupid people and stupid thoughts.
    does that tie in with your sassy theory? i hope you can leave sad behind and just be sassy!

  2. I want that mask chart and dwellings in the Pacific thing!!! You look so 60's in that top pic. You look like someone in particular from the 60's but I can't place my finger on who.... Love the bangs. Break a leg!!

  3. Lovely outfit, you look so great in it! :)


  4. Your haircut is so awesome!!! The bangs look so good on you!!!!
    And your outfit is superb, as always!!!
    And the computer art thing is awesome!!
    Your whole blog is awesome!!!

  5. I just watched the Graduate this morning while at my friend's house
    i thought it was really sad but i LOVE the hairstyles in that movie
    anyway love your outfit and i'm working on a care package!


  6. Jeez I haven't commented on this in forever! first off I must conform and say that I am so flipping obsessed with your hair!! those bangs are perfect! Second the first picture you took really looks like it's from a spooky 60's movie. (thats a compliment i love creepy 60's films)

  7. Love your new bangs! It gives you this awesome 60's look. Oh and if you ask me you totally should go farther for the short bangs as beyonce had :)

  8. For a second, I really thought that first picture was a scan from a magazine. The hair, stare and colours are so perfect.

    And I love the frosted lips and nude clogs! You make it all look so effortless. Damn girl! ;)

  9. Just stumbled on your blog! IT'S WAY INCREDIBLE. This post just oozes with inspiration. So thank you. I've been feelin' a little blahhh today, so I needed that.

    Also. GAH YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. You look like a doll. It's perfection.

    And I love your dress. It's rather exquisite, mmm.

    Check out mine?