The End to my Monotonous Life.

So as you can tell from my friday post,
I've been making a serious effort to make my life less monotonous.

but Saturday just wasn't great
My sister and I headed to work
and half way through my first class my mom texted me about my college situation
I'm going to the University of Hawaii

and to be honest, I was upset
it wasnt about my grades, my ability, or my willingness to go
it was all about money 
and that just killed me and my mom

and at first it didnt bother me and I finished work like a champ
but then on the way home I just lost it

I am upset, but I have to get over it

I guess (even though I'm upset)
you can proudly call me a UH warrior goddamnit

My night ended with a good long cry
and a wild adventure around waikiki in attempt to find Hayley the perfect bra (we didn't find it)
and a relaxing bonding moment between Hayley's best friend Leiney and my soul sister Sarah

then I woke up and it was sunday
I woke up early UGH

and then I got coffee after another mini-cry
my sister got her hair did

and then we headed to Andy's for lunch

I got a tuna melt!!!

it was seriously the best thing of my life I died.

here is my sister Kelsey

this is me, and lets just say I wasn't feeling camera ready

and here is roldie.

onto a side note
I'm OBSESSED with penpals
and I recently got two letters that I'm OBSESSED with

One from my ADORABLE friend Aja
This poor thing is ALWAYS grounded
but she was kind enough to send me a belated birthday/valentines day letter
I love her a lot.

and all these things are from my amazing friend Kimberly
she is so fun and wonderful.
She sent me the SWEETEST package
full of photos, flower seeds, a handmade envelop and so much more
I love her so much and I will send her back a package, I MUST

The rest of my day was another mini adventure around Hawaii with Kelsey and her boyfriend Ben

and we found this secret door

she reminds me of nancy drew

we also bought this little friend
his name is Jimmy Tony

then I ate my feelings at yogurt land.

Now onto a few things that I'm obsessed with right now:

(The Graduate, All I Wanna Do, Baby Christina, Alexz Johnson, Hey Arnold, Vdub Bug, Upsidedown map)

oh and this video

this may be my favorite parody EVER

so I hope you all had an amazing weekend
mine wasn't monotonous to say the least,

keep it sassy,


  1. I'm so sorry about UH. You seem amazing enough to be successful and happy wherever you are, though. :)

  2. You are an awesome blossom you know that? Keep calm and carry on (or whatever the expression is), hopefully UH will be fun! If it isn't then transfer somewhere stateside ASAP as in UGA, which is in Georgia.... ahem no just follow your dreams!! Butterflies and rainbows...
    Ok I seriously think I'm mentally insane so how bout I end this comment now.

  3. It sounds stupid and cliche, but everything happens for a reason, and something really awesome might happen that wouldn't have happened if you didn't go to UH. Also, the delicious-looking sprouts hanging out of your tuna melt are making me seriously wanna eat it.

  4. poop! i am so sorry aboot your college situation. Rise to the top! your a superstar! I'm a hallmark card! lol. i really want some froyo now. klgklfklfd

  5. Sorry about your college issues! Remember it isn't about where you go for college, it's about what you do with your education!

    Is that red velevet in your Yogurtland? Where I live, we don't have that availble at our Yogurtlands. On the bright side, we have mochi balls! :3

  6. so sorry about your college situation! if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, i'm here through the interwebs!
    to cheer you up i shall send you tons of 90s paraphernalia and all that jazz
    we'll be in touch!