Walla Walla Walla Walla: Sassy Spring Break day 2

so I know yall are like
and to that I must apologize, 
I needed to desperately clean my room and to organize my closet, and while my room is half way there, my closer is pretty much organized!
(I have too much stuff)
and one more thing before I get into the second day of my trip
and I must thank my sisters boyfriend Ben for this LOVELY belated birthday present! I can't decide on the name yet but I'll let you know

to the second day of the trip

We woke up around 7:30 in the portland airport hotel.
apparently I slept-talked....weird
then we (my parents and I) got dressed and had some hotel coffee
this is what I wore

I'm wearing:
-J.Brand Jeans (borrowed from my sister)
-My plaid coat- Juicy Couture 
-My brown bear spirit hood 
-My combat boots from the Doc Martens store in Portland

(be prepared to see these boots every single day of the trip)

so after we hopped in the car, 
and drove drove drove from Portland all the way to Walla Walla, WA

we stopped at McDonalds for breakfast (I got a mcgriddle)
 but the majority of the ride was nonstop, as was my singing.
I sang to EVERY SINGLE pop song on the radio, (my parents love me)
and on the road I saw a lot of this
and a lot of this

Finally we arrived in Walla Walla around 10:30 
and met up with my parents good friends The Cambells,
luckily they gave us some time to get ready
and some time for me to look pensive by the fireplace

Then we headed out to the famous Walla Walla Foundry
which in short is a place where they build amazing sculptures designed by artists.
we took an awesome tour lead by the artist Squire Broel who was so kind, and knowledgeable, and he was one of those people who seems to just have the nicest heart, and he creates such beautiful work you should really check him out.
He explained the whole process with wax molds and all this SH that I couldn't even begin to explain, so I figured I'd just show you pictures

To say the least it was insane.
you should really read more about the foundry if yall are interested.

We went to this fance-pants french restaurant in Walla Walla  
it was delicious.
And here are some pictures from the town

and after the tour my parents went on a wine-tasting and I stayed at the hotel and watched trashy television, took a bubble bath, and began reading Sex, Drugs and Cocoa puffs which I enjoyed quite a lot.

oh and then the most awkward thing happened.
so I was doing my nightly situps
and when I went back, I whacked my head against a chair, and it was awkward, cause if I were 5-years-old, I would've cried, but I didnt cause I'm older, and since no one else saw it..it was just awkward

has that ever happened to you?

thats all about I have to say for this day,

keep it sassy and not awkward,

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  1. Love the spirit hood. You pull it off well. I need a fun vacay!!