Top of the Mornin' To Ya: Sassy Spring Break day 7

So if you have only just started reading my blog I need to mention
I went on a trip last last week and didnt bring my computer 
therefore I've been posting these posts later
if that makes any sense

anywho to see all the posts you can read them on my blog
or just click here, they are all labelled

anywho now I'm on day 7, March 17th
I'm in San Francisco 

If yall didn't know, 
I'm Irish, English Scottish and Welsh
so to say I'm passionate about Saint Patricks day is an understatement

I woke up and discovered my dad was at work, so my mom and I got ready and played some Irish Music to get us pumped 

I wore this:
Forgive my derpy smile
This outfit consists of:
-Vintage dress found in my Garage
-Plaid jacket from Juicy Couture
-black tights
-my doc martens

and since I'm oh so passionate as irish as potatoes and bagpipes
I thought I'd add a little extra touch to my outfit
Clovers in my hair!!

So the plan of the day was to head into Union Square  and rub our last pennies together!
and that is what we did

we hopped on the bus and hustled our way down.

We went into Anthropology and picked up a dress for my sister Devon
Then into the West Field Center to pick up tights for Devon
then we went to Wichcraft this amazing sandwich place where we had the yummiest turkey sandwich I've ever dreamed of!

Then to Urban Outfitters
and H&M both of which don't have a location in Hawaii

on this journey I also got talked to by a homeless man he said "I LIKE THOSE TIGHTS? WHAT ARE THEY POLYESTER? RAYON"
there are seriously the MOST fashionable homeless men in San Francisco 

Then we ended the day by getting some coffee at Neiman Marcus
aka "big shiny cave"
have any of yall seen George of the Jungle?

On the way back to the bus stop we saw this fountain in front of a business center
What spirit! I bet it only took 3 dead leprechauns to fill that fountain with their magical blood!

Then we hopped back on the bus and headed home!
This is what I bought!

My bus ticket! Only $2
all these awesome socks, all the striped ones are from H&M and the funky blue ones are from Urbanz
The patchwork-y skirt is from Urbanz and the heart print shorts are from H&M
Then I got this baby bow headband and these heart shaped glasses at H&M
And these purple shoes and tights from Urbanz (they look AWESOME together)
and I also got this sweater from my sister Roldie and This shirt with the periodic table of elements for my sisters boyfriend Ben (from H&M and Urbanz)

Then we headed back home for another night in
I broke down and FINALLY went on facebook, but I still didnt go on tumblr or blogspot!

then we got some french food
I got les steak frites  they were tres bon

then we settled in, got comfy and watched the thursday night line up on NBC

it was wonderful!

Keep it sassy yall,


  1. your docs are the coolest. I wish I had better shopping in my area so I could find stuff that cool!!! I'm also irish. IRISH PARTAAY!

  2. Ok you are awesome. I love your st. patty's day outfit, I too am Irish, as well as Scottish, so I'm pretty much an expert... who am I kidding I only shoved on a green shirt.

  3. thursday line up is the best. The Office FTW.
    and I LOVE all the stuff you bought. so sasssy

  4. Clovers in your hair!!!! I like your derpy smile. And your new blue shoes!