Portlandia: Sassy Spring Break day 3

Hey yall, so since I forgot to post yesterday, I thought I'd post TWICE today
except its probably already the next day for yall due to the time difference, but thats besides the point

so today (March 13th) we woke up in Walla Walla and got dressed for the day
I wore this!

I'm wearing:
-Purple Cashmere dress from J.Crew
-Leopard Fake Fur Jacket from the Behnaz Sarafpour line for Target
-Black socks from J.Crew
-My docs

So this day started with me waking up at around 4:30 with a stressful college dream.
I think a lot of it had to do with my impending college decision and because of the stress and worry from the crisis in Japan.
(again my thoughts and positive hoping goes out to everyone)
we woke up and headed to a breakfast brunch with my parent's friends.
It was pretty good.
Then we hit the road again.
funny thing I forgot to mention earlier, we picked up our rental car for the trip yesterday...
now I don't mean to offend anyone who owns this car,
but this car was one of the biggest eye-soar, I've ever witnessed
not to mention it didn't have a GPS navigator
but by far the funniest part, was the fact that it has a Missouri license plate.

we then drove all the way back to Portland 
so another long long drive

and I saw a lot of this
and sang a lot of top 40.
it was quite lovely.
and I don't know about yall, but I have a great relationship with my parents, we play all the time and we really bonded over all of this intimate car time we had, it was so much fun!

finally after a long drive we arrived again in Portland
the dream of the 90's

Once we checked into our hotel we just started walking around and I snapped a few shots:
Then we went into this small place and got some coffee
it smelled like crab which may or may not have been intentional 

After meandering around for a little bit longer we stumble upon the most wonderful place on earth

 to which I sold my soul.

Here is an array of some of the things I bought
(from left to right: Striped knit sweater for my sister, white lace and tulle dress, floral sequin vest, ruffely confetti blouse, Marsha Brady sweater, other striped crazy sweater)

I also got this bunny ring for my sister

and these rings pour moi!

and the best part of all
It was a dream come true!
then I bought some red lipstick and we headed back to the hotel for some proper dinner.

Today was a day full of driving.
I hope these posts aren't too dull, but its what happened!

I'll post more tomorrow!

Keep it sassy yall,


  1. Love Buffalo Exchange!! I wish the prices were "thriftier" but cutest stuff. Where do I get a giant crab like that to put on my building?

  2. Portland looks awesome!! I've always wanted to go there!!
    And I love that striped crazy sweater!! :D

  3. I love love love all the things you have bought! ugh i cant wait to see the adorableness you create out of them.

    also back up plan if you don't love the college you decide to go to ( which i am sure you will, I am just being selfish) TRANSFER TO SKIDMORE!

  4. Portland look beautiful! NO SALE'S TAX?! You have got to be kidding me! Yes, I think all of us bloggers should meet up one day and have the ultimate clothing exchange :)

  5. Oh my god oh my god oh my god those clothes you got! We must meet up in Portland! And that crab looks terrifying. I looooooove your little journals, they make me feel like I'm on a vacation!

  6. LOVE your coat, sooo cute!