New, You're so New!

If you're reading this, I'm sure you've already noticed

so 1st, I bought my domain name, this site is no longer "sasssquatch.blogspot.com"
you're officially looking at
(no blogspot about it)

2nd, my AMAZING sister Kelsey designed my new banner and new icons for all of my sights
so if you have a tumblr, you should follow her and tell her, her art is amazing

3rd, I'm so excited for all of this and I have a few new ideas for things for my blog that you'll get to see in the future!

I'd really like to hear your feedback, so please let me know if you have any awesome ideas!

Lastly an Announcement.

so as many of you many of you know, I am a senior in high school, about to graduate this fall.
You probably haven't heard me rant about college because I applied early for all of my schools and heard back (I got into everywhere I applied...YAY)

but since I'm from Hawaii, I've never visited the campus's which I got into.

So this friday, my mother and father and I are going on a roadtrip!
we are going up and down the west coast of America,
We'll be visiting these schools:
-Seattle University,
-Portland State,
-University of Oregon,
-Southern Oregon University
-San Francisco State.

and since this is going to be such a short trip, and such an overwhelming experience, I mean, I'm deciding where I'll be next year
I've decided to be a part of a performance art piece where I go without my computer the entire time 

I've decided it's a great way to clear my head and really assess the situation, so I can properly decide my fate.

Now I hope you blogspot friends will be understanding, I'm sure my tumblr followers won't feel the same way, I'm sure many of them will unfollow, but what does it even matter! I love tumblr, but I need to do whats best for me and being online all that time will only hurt me. 

so I hope you're alright with this,
I will take a trillion pictures and upload them all for you guys once I get back!

so I'll blog everyday until this friday until I bid a fond farewell for some spring break soul searching!!! 

Keep it sassy,


  1. lovely! this is beautiful, and i started following yo sis cuz this art is awesome. good luck with your soul-searching. the only way you can truly know where you want to go is to visit there and see if it feels right, which sounds so dumb but is true. once you find the one, you'll know. don't second guess your gut. GOOD LUCK!!! i am excited to see your pictures when you get back!

    lovelovelove, wrae :3

  2. OMG tell your sister that this header is amazing!! Love the new look here, personal and creative.
    p.s. have fun with your collages rode trip and let the best win ;)

  3. have fun on your roadtrip!
    i too will be traveling soon and abandoning my few followers. (just for a month though.) our tumblr/blogger reading lists when we get back arent even going to be funny.
    also, i love the new graphics! your sister is wicked good!

  4. Your sisters design stuff is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Its so pretty and stuff. We will miss you!!! Take too many pictures!