Incase you didn't know you I wear a uniform 4 days out of the school week
and friday is our day of freedom
our day to express ourself through our clothing
our day to be comfortable in what we wear and free from the tight constricting non-breathing-polyester-contraptions they call uniforms!

but then they announce this!!
(hui = homeroom)

I mean, of course I'd rather not see people's ass cheeks
and some people's wardrobe choice is not my cup of tea, mostly because I don't like identical Abercrombie & Fitch polo shirts in my tea, but still, when its our day of free dress, people should have the CHOICE, I mean, why bother giving us a day of free dress if they are going to stifle our creativity and try to dictate what we wear.

In a state of rebellion, we hatched a plan
we thought we'd wear the most conservative items of clothing we have
and our most favorite item would have the be the
"Mu'u Mu'u"
A mu'u mu'u is a long, free dress worn by categorically Hawaiian women, and is a staple here in the elderly crowd.
so we thought, why not stick it to the man and wear em!
and this is what I wore today,
A vintage turquoise Mu'u Mu'u (borrowed from My Mother)
a sweater from Forever21
 and yellow rubbah slippa

and a tita bun of course!

And right as I come to school I find this little note from our Head Master
.....its like she knew!!!!

Here are some pictures of my amazingly conservative friends!
Here is Lizzie in her classy turtleneck

part woman part mu'u mu'u

Its funny, because in comparison to my friends, my outfit looks bleak!
In this photo is (from left to right): Michelle, Caroline (In a vintage tartan skirt), Karissa, Moi, Sarah and Sam, I've got an amazing class.

and here are the juniors.
at first I didnt like the idea of all of us wearing mu'u mu'us, but boy was I wrong.
these juniors found these spectacular mu'u mu'us probably at the gates of hell because they are that sinful.
From (left to right): Simone, Monique, Sassman, Clara

they are BRILLIANT. 

Today was a historic day because it symbolized unity and strength. We showed the school that if they give us this freedom we will fight for it, we will fight for fashion and WE ARE NOT ZOMBIES!!!

I oddly hope that one day you all have to deal with "the man" trying to get you down,
because when you stand up 
the feeling is incredible.

keep it sassy,


  1. Is it weird that I kinda like the mu'u mu'us? Kudos to you guys for expressing yourselves!

  2. That is a really good idea! I have to wear a uniform too... unfortunately we only have about 2 free dress days a year.

  3. I love people who blog about their clever ways of revolting against dumb school stupidity. this is SO good.

  4. I love that you guys did that!!! STICK IT TO THE MAN!!!!! This is genius!!!!!!

  5. Oh and I just read your last post the same thing happens to me!!! Other girls get shocked and mad at me because I'm a feminist!!!!! I don't get it!!!!