Love & Haight: Sassy Spring Break day 6

Today was March 16th
we were in San Francisco and the insane driving was done
I woke up in the morning to the lovely delight of a vanilla latte from Starbucks (yummaroo)
I then got dressed
this is what I wore.
-Knit & fur coat Betsey Johnson
-Lavender Pashmina a gift from my sister
-white dress from Buffalo Exchange
-black american apparel leotard underneat
-basic black tights
-socks from J.Crew
-my Doc Martens
-my hair was in a tiny bun

If I havent mentioned anything yet, 
we stayed in my dads SF apartment

here is me sitting on the stoop
oh and my bag is Bestey Johnson as well 

so today was especially fun for many reasons
It was the day before Saint Pats day
so we head down town and the Irish Pubs were prepared
 My dad and I are really cute

Then we meandered around a bit
I've never felt more like DJ Tanner

Then we went to The Buena Vista

and had the breakfast of champions

For my 21st birthday I will be damned if I don't have an irish coffee


I hit up Buffalo Exchange but I wasn't impressed with this one as much as the Portland one.
I did find this sweet little hat though. 
Then I went to this one store that I cannot for the life of me I cannot recall the name.
I tried on about 348918419849 vintage dresses finally settling on the perfect "sassy" dresses, not every dress from the early 60's will do!

Then I headed to this other store that sells all these amazing stripper clothes and tranny wigs, they also have $2 earrings so I had to pick up 

so these are the amazing things I found
(left to right: Purple Floral Jumper, Bright pink 60's dress with ruffle,  Biege hat, paisley velvet corset dress, crazy psychedelic polyester skirt)

and I bought these earrings, blue cameo earrings and little pink hearts

Once we were back home my mom and I went to Molly Stones, picked up some soup and on the way back an old homeless man yelled "high fashion, high fashion"

which of course, made my day THAT much better

I fucking LOVE random compliments, random compliments are 10 times better than complements from your friends, I mean lets be honest here

biggest regret of the day was that I didnt have a chance to go to Amoeba Music which I will just have to do once I go back, which may be sooner than you think!

The day ended with watching the news and curling up with my book

it was an excellent day,