Keep Portland Weird and HELLO SEATTLE: Sassy Spring Break day 4

So this day (March 14th) was wonderful.
we woke up in portland, on a beautifully mysterious Portland day
It was like the baby sun from teletubbies...except not

Anywho I got up, drank some hotel coffee and got dressed
this is what I wore
I'm wearing:
-white ruffley top -Juicy Couture
-white lace and taffeta dress- Buffalo Exchange
-Plaid coat- Juicy Couture 
-tights were a gift from my Mama
-Mint green socks with biege ruffle -American Apparel 
-My Doc martens!
-hat from The Salvation army

then we went to the ONLY specific place I wanted to visit.
The motherland, the Holy Grail, they place where dreams come true
if yall know anything about me, you'll know that my BIGGEST pleasure is donuts (check out my donut tumblr). They are fluffy, delicious, colorful, sprinkley and simply magical. Like if you could taste unicorns, they'd taste like donuts. 
okay enough with this rant, check out my pictures

I tried the maple bacon donut which was heaven. It was the perfect combination or salty & sweet, and soft & crunchy. It was probably one of the most religious experiences of my life.

I also got the captain crunch donut,  CRUNCHATIZE ME CAPIN'
I was sailing away on a sugary high that left me dazed above the clouds and looking onto the earth and seeing the magic, beauty and wonder in humanity. whoever is the chef who made these is a god.

anywho here are some more pictures from Portland!

Then we hopped in the car and we're off!

this was pretty much my view for the ENTIRE trip

we hit the road for Seattle

while driving in the intense rain, the craziest thing happened
there was this truck in front of us with all these tools, and we were all going about 80 miles per hour
and an ice scraper falls off the truck and heads to our car, but since there wasnt anywhere to go because there were cars on both sides of us, luckily, we just barely dodged the projectile. The only damage was some scrapped paint on the drivers side of the car. To say the least, it was INTENSE!

here are some pictures on the way to Seattle

so anywho we traveled all the way and saw Seattle U,
I'm going to summarize,
the school was beautiful, safe, I got a scholarship, clean and there were some really intellectual looking bros on campus, which isnt necessarily a bad thing.
I really feel like I could get a great education there
I got a GREAT vibe from the school.

but before I could catch my breath we headed 
we had lunch on the road and after a long car drive WE WERE BACK IN THE CITY

Then we headed to visit the school Portland State University 
which was....meh
I mean, don't get me wrong, the school was pretty
and ALL THE HIPSTER MEN were just gorgeous,
but it just wasn't safe and it was too big for me!

Then we went to this bougey restaurant called Clyde Commons and I got roasted sunchokes!

it was quite an eventful day to say the least!

please keep it sassy everyone,


  1. Oh my god I heard about that bagel place on Food Network!!! It seemed amazing! I wonder if they can ship donuts to you...

  2. A, I love this outfit! One of my faves. I love the ruffly clothes with the ruffle socks and floral tights, so girly and fun, but then made not so with the jacket and docs. Genius.

    B, bacon on a donut. Why do we not have that here?

    C. Captn Crunch on a donut. Why do we not have that here?