In an Aeroplane Over The Sea: Sassy Spring Break day 1

Friday March 11th, 2011

The day started with that insane earthquake/tsunami in Japan with a minor baby tsunami that hit Hawaii.
I didnt get a wink of sleep that night.
Then seeing the horrendous footage of the tsunami made me feel sick.

I hope this isnt insensitive, but it felt as if a Katsushika Hokusai japanese wood block painting came to life.

It breaks my heart, but the Japanese resilient spirit is quite inspiring.


to say I wasnt quite in the mood to fly was an understatement.
Regardless, I got dressed, and packed and headed to the airport.
This is my pensive-candid-pretentious-intellectual look.

So what I'm wearing:
-Black Skull Sweater -Betsey Johnson
-Lavendar Pashmina -A Present from Italy
-Velour skinny sweatpants- Juicy Couture, yes, they are "skinny velour sweatpants" and they were damn comfortable
-Moccasins- Paniolo Trading (I'm going to burry them soon, for they are on their last leg and deserve to leave this world with pride.)

Funny thing about the Honolulu International airport. It has this creepy-ass parrot, and its been there since I can remember, it use to talk and open and close its mouth. It scarred my child idealism out of me!
am I right or what? that SH is cr33py.

so anywho around 2:15 we were sitting in the terminal
this was my ticket!

and we sat in that same terminal for what felt like forever
a direct quote from my journal
"oh my biggie smalls, our flight got delayed, I'm about to strangle myself with my lavender pashmina, it will make the perfect noose!"

so to curb the time, I played hang man with my momma,

I'm predictable

then I drew a guillotine! 
I know its comparable to a 500 pound giant with a tiny pencil wedged in between his sausage like fingers trying to make it as a scribe but failing.. horribly)

I blame it on the fact that I'm left handed

Finally around 4:30 we received salvation!
so I drew a little happy plane  

There are several things that drive me nuts about airplanes.

1) When people bring their suitcases on the plane (a tiny suitcase is one thing, but when an entire clan of croc wearing gingers bring these refrigerator sized lime green suitcases that hit-every-single-seat-down-the-tiny-isles that is not okay.)

2) The fact that the person in front of me, no matter which plane, what time, and who it is, they will ALWAYS extend there seat as far as possible, giving me absolutely no leg room. 

3) That awkward shuffle between you and the person exiting the tiny bathroom while you're waiting to go in, or just ANY awkward exchange between you and any person down isle. 

4) The food...I ate a blueberry muffin that tasted like licorice 

here are some of my doodles,

I filled the rest of my 5 hour flight with reading about half of Full-Frontal Feminism and with a few minor naps

and after a long flight
we arrived in Portland, checked into our hotel, bathed and got into jammies
finally dozing off into dream land around
1:30....oi vey

Stay tuned to the next day of the several post series called Sassy Spring Break
(I feel like I'm writing a soap or a teen melodrama)

Keep it Sassy,


  1. Love the quote from your journal!!! That made me laugh so hard!!!
    So glad that you had an awesome trip!!!!

  2. Hahaha I love the way you write and the little doodles, most importantly I love you!!! That skull sweater looked damn comfy. Need to get myself one.

  3. I was quite nervous actually! I'd heard the tsunami hit Hawaii afterward! I'm glad you're alright :0

  4. I love the skull sweater and the moccasins. Really terrible about Japan, and you're totally right about the Japanese spirit.