I guess this is goodbye friends.

So today was my last day of school! atleast for break
I only had one final HURRAH
I totally owned that final
it was my man slave (I hate when people say it was "my bitch" so I will use the term "man slave")
I'm serious, I feel like my teacher wrote one of the questions seriously for me.
"Some critics have said that Jane Eyre is a model for later feminists. Do you agree with this? Is Jane really a model for today’s more independent, self-reliant women? Why or why not?"

onto my outfit
so I only have one shitty photobooth picture of it so you must forgive me,
not going to lie, I took this picture a million years ago but wore the same outfit today...
no shame no shame

so what I'm wearing is:
-My House of Billiam Hoodie (to read more about this awesome hoodie click here)
-A white cotton blouse with little yellow flowers from Urban Outfitters 
-black zip up skirt from Armani Exchange
-and I wore my moccasins

so another thing I found when searching for this picture on my photobooth
The people who make yearbooks and class rings sent me this
this is also me "FUCK YES I LOVE HIGHSCHOOL" face

other things to discuss
I'll show you what I'm bringing
thats my suitcase as a whole.
I'm going to be taking "Outfit of the Day" Photos so I wont go in depth about my outfits
I will let you know that your eyes are NOT deceiving you, I am in fact bringing my docs and my bear spirit hoods. 

This is my carry-on, yes it could fit about three 5-year-olds while in the fetal position inside it.

but instead of transporting 5 year olds
or sedated baby tigers...did yall hear about that?

anyway these are some things I'm bringing
Reading Material
knitted bow
A poem full of SH for the literary magazine...I am the editor
and a note for soul searching and for thoughts since I will be without my computer

5 rolls of film to check through

camera charger, and I will add cellphone charger to this list before I actually leave tomorrow
oh and hopefully my dad will have an ipod charger
my camera case which also will include my digital camera (I had to use something to take this picture haha)
I'm so excited to take Zeus and Karl on this journey
if you wanna see pictures from my adventure last spring break CLICK HERE
oh and to see a post that I did on my last trip only using polaroids CLICK HERE

oh and I'm bringing totoro, I like the idea of bringing him everywhere and taking photos of him on my journey!

okay and now other things to discuss from today

It consists of some screen prints - guerilla and traditional, 2 persian inspired self portraits using the idea of vales, all in one big fat white frame.


Also another exciting part of my day was an amazing skype session with the adorable Sophie ala madeline-sophie.blogspot.com

we had so much fun
and took some RIDICULOUS pictures

we cute, we cute.

but it was so much fun, she helped me pack, and we each talked about all the SH we hate, I taught her how to pronounce Hawaiian words it was a hoot and a half
and we must must skype once I get back
and Maddie needs to join this time!!!

also if any of yall want to skype just find me!

now I'm going to leave you with this magical gif

and on that note, I'll post one more post tomorrow, but until then

keep it sassy,


  1. Oh my god I just saw the Jane Eyre movie and am now reading the book! And I will forever say ukulele, NOT ookulaylay!!! I admire your little totoro, he is quite excellent. We'll miss you!!!

  2. Hey girl! THIS WAS AMAZING! one thing though it's madeline and sophie not sophia (your link) hahah anyways YAY HAVE FUN EMAIL PICS OF TOTORO!

  3. I wish three way skyping sessions were possible :(