oh hey d00dz.
its me! Caelan!
incase you forgot who I was, considering I was gone for so long!!!

I gotta tell you, this trip was AWESOME.

I feel like I've gained a whole new perspective on EVERYTHING
despite my lose of 38 tumblr followers, 
it was totally worth it.

I'm between two schools now for college, which is much better than my list of 6
I'm in good shape.
not necessarily in a good mood, lets just say this new found perspective has led to a bit of cynicism but then again, anyone who actually claims they are "cynical" isn't, because claiming so means "they know their view of the world is unjustly negative; despite their best efforts at being grumpy, a self-described cynic is secretly optimistic about normal human nature."  

as you can probably tell, I've read quite a bit of Chuck Klosterman.

my trip was splendid and I want to share every detail for you, so, luckily for you I kept an entire mini journal that I used to summarize everyday of my trip.

I guess I'll post like 2 days per day if that makes any sense?

I also have to wait to get my film developed so...yeah

I actually think I'll just post as I feel, but I'll try not to flood you!

to be honest guys, I've missed you all SO MUCH
and I've missed blogging, I kept thinking "Oh man, can't wait till I blog about this"
or "ooooh yeah Maddie & Sophie are gonna LOVE THIS haha"

and while being away from the internet for awhile, I missed out on the uprise of Rebecca Black, but don't worry. I've made up for lost time, and to say the least, "I so excited"

but time without the internet was actually a lot of fun.
I spent all my time with my parents and they are really fun, we made tons of jokes.
I sang to every single pop song on the radio, I repeat, every auto-tuned, one-hit-wonder, over polished piece of the giant collection that is under the sparkly umbrella of "pop music," as you can guess my parents just LOVED it. 
and I watched the news every single night from start to finish so I already feel more informed (and majorly bummin)

anywho, I need to start telling you all about it,

I'll post all about friday next!

keep it sassy yall, 


  1. We we we so excited that you are back!!!
    Can't wait for your journal posts and which two colleges are you between?
    Love youuuuuu :)

  2. I started following you while you were away-- and I just logged on and my google reader said 1 minute ago-- Sassquatch. Creepy? Anyways glad your trip was fun!

  3. I'm so glad you're back! I've missed your ass!! ... and you as well :)