Fl0w3r p0w3r

Today is sunday. 
and I'm feeling sassy.
I should be studying for my vocab final, but instead I'm packing for my trip and watching Jared Leto makeup tutorials on youtube.
Also my color scheme for my trip is "earth-tones" so I thought I'd get all my color fun out of the way now.
also I listening to Nicki Minaj all morning.

Top by American Apparel
Ribbon from my ribbon box (to read a hair tutorial I do with this ribbon click here)
My Sweetarte candy hairbow made by moi, inspired by SUPERCUTE!!
bumble bee earring from Betsy Johnson
Other earring from a thrift store in SF
Flower power ring from Marc Jacobs
candies from....it's a long story
and my cellphone matches my outfit, with these lovely donut stickers from my friend Kate.
my favorite flesh colored clogs
and this adorable vintage skirt is from a Buffalo Exchange on Haight Street

-Delicious, bright colorful candy

-Rachel Trachtenberg is a HUGE style inspiration to me. She wears these fun colorful 60's floral dresses, and parades around town not giving a flying hoot what others think of her.
-She makes these amazing colorful, candy hair bows and other sort of knick knacks that are so fun and inspiring!
not only that but she incorporates clothing from all different places creating this adorable bubblegum of a cohesive ensemble. 
-She is in an all girl band called SuperCute! and is an environmental activist, showing that it doesn't matter who you are and what you wear, but if you have a message and something to say or stand up for you need to do it! and spread it with the world!!

here are some quotes from an interview with Stylelikeu that I found quite remarkable:

"If I walk down the street in jeans and a plain t-shirt, I don't feel like the world sees me as I want to be seen or as what I am"

"Only boring people get bored- even if I were sitting in a blank room, I would come up with a song in my head

Keep it sassy yall
and stay SUPERCUTE!,


  1. That skirt!!! It looks like it is made of candy! Or something delicious! I always compare your blog to food, but I like food, so that is good.
    And Supercute is just the best, that is all. There is no beating Supercute.

  2. I really like your clogs and your bow!