Feminism and Me.

Hi friends. 
So today is a rant, and I'm warning you now, I'm listening to Bikini Kill while writing this. 

I was born in 1993

and I was raised on GIRL POWER.

My father went on many trips while I was growing, so if you can imagine, I was in a household of 5 women.

Not to mention that as a little girl growing up in the 90's the media was infiltrated with GIRL POWER and the notion that I could be all I wanted to be (thanks Reading Rainbow).
The Spice Girls made me feel like I was a special, and strong and that with the power of friendship I could achieve anything I wanted.

I was raised on the phrase "girls rule and boys drool"

I never gave my barbies boyfriends. My barbie had a golden retriever...and that's all she needed.
I claimed that all the boys "smelled like crusty donuts" and "were a waist of my time"

and of course when you're 5 you have no clue about the third wave of feminism, that was occurring at the exact same time you were feeling this wave. I think feminists all around the world just sent positive vibes into the universe or something. 

(left: Halloween when I was 5, right: Halloween 2010)

And this feeling of empowerment followed me throughout my development
and despite the times on myspace where I was all "OmG d03z h3 lYk3 mEh?"
I, for the most time, kept feeling this way.
If anything my feminist views grew more and more in highschool
especially with the class thinking women the BEST class, provided at my school.
and I'm a very honest, very short, and kinda cynical person
so in a very snooty way, I'd just look at some of my friends and there boy trouble and just think "what does this matter? why do you need a boyfriend"

and no friends, I'm not a lesbian (despite the fact that I LOVE lesbians), I am a Feminist
and a damn proud one.

so when I see girls making sexist jokes in reference towards other woman
I'm going to take offense.
when I see girls not living up to their true potential
I'm going to be upset
when I see girls fighting with other girl
I'm going  to be sad for sisterhood
when I see people use the terms "slut" and "whore" (despite the fact that I let out the occasional "slore")
I'm going to be frustrated.

Because we as womankind have done so many AWESOME things for the world.
and if you are a woman  and you aren't a supporter of feminism
let me just take away:
-you're right to vote
-you're birth control
-you're right to an abortion
and so much more.
because you CLEARLY don't appreciate it!

now these are my opinions, 
and you are entitled to your own
but I was raised to develop my own opinions and to speak up for myself and my rights.
so I am.

keep it sassy yall,


  1. YESS!!!!! SAY IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!!! Yay for feminism!!!
    I HATE it when my friends are all like, "well we're girls, of course we talk about shopping all the time." GRRR!!! It's so annoying!!! We do talk about shopping, but its not the ONLY thing we talk about!! Why do girls have to convince guys that it's the only thing??
    Before I started blogging I didn't know that much about feminism. But now that I've read your blog and Savy's blog, along with influences from my mom and my grandma and from school, I'm a feminist for life!!
    The girls at my school make fun of feminism, which I reeeeally don't get. But the worst part is, they measure their worth and each other's worth on who has a boyfriend and who likes who. Aghh I'm so sick of middle school, I hope high school is better!!!
    And I love love love your blog's new look!!
    And thanks for your super nice comment!!

  2. yayyyy!!! I am taking a class on multicultural childrens literature and we talk alot about the portrayal of women in childrens books tooo, it is a lifechanging ( okay maybe a bit drastic-but very meaningful nonetheless) course and I will surely post about it at somepoint. YOU SHOULD JUST NOT GO TO THE SCHOOLS YOU APPLIED TO AND COME TO SKIDMORE!! for realz we can be real life friends. Also love love love all the new art, your sister is great!

  3. Right on, sister! Although I will note that bashing men, even in a "harmless" "boys drool" sort of way is not feminism to me. Women don't need to put men below us in order to feel good about ourselves. All in all, I dig this post. Also I dig the Halloween re-do. Cute!