Outfit of the Day:02/04/10

Well hello darlings!
It's friday again!!
Today I wore quite the different ensemble from my usual light flowry florid ensembles

I'm wearing a striped button-down from Ben Sherman, this was one of those shirts that has sit in my closet FOREVER, and I've always taken it out to try to construct some sort of ensemble but always failed but alas FINALLY I've figured something out
I'm also wearing a romper purchased from Urban Outfitters
Forgive my chubby knees, my socks are from AA
and my old creepy man shoes are from The Salvation Army
And the ADORABLE hat is from this vintage store called Catherine's Closet

This is the shirt close up
and the romper (forgive the bluriness)

Outfit Inspiration:

Madeline was one of my favorite stories growing up, this hat reminds me of the hats the little girls wear!
But my main inspiration was the Amish community
there is something slightly adorable in their dark minimalist fashion which I believe perfectly juxtaposes my carefree, fun, playful attitude!

Other Darlings:
Rachel & Keili are really adorable
they are in my french class
and they are so cute
can I just steal their skin tones... (is that creepy?)
and her is Karissa she is darling as always
I love this outfit because its so comfortable, yet effortlessly chic!
Karissa is also such a free spirit, she is fun, sassy and just plain marvelous
and I love this photo, because she looks just like her mother in this photo
and that just makes me happy.

Keep it sassy yall,


  1. Nice outfit. Work that hat lady! Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  2. I really love the dress that you are wearing! So so adorable. I love the Madeline inspiration :)

    I also love the peach colored dress. Cute post :) Hope you're doing well!

  3. Girl! I love your style! The way you mix and match things is really awesome. This look reminds me of a quirky, Amish schoolgirl. ;)

  4. i looove madeline!
    that was my favorite book when i was little!

  5. Ahhhhhh, your hat is SO cute! I immediately thought of Madeline :DD I can't stop smiling now. And those shoes are so perfect.