Outfit of the Day: 02/25/11

Well hello friends! 
It is friday again! 
And this is what I wore.

white collard shirt from American Apparel (new birthday prezzie)
Sheer green shift from Sparkle & Fade ala Urban Outfitters (twas a hammydown from my sister)
Biege belt from my momma

Crazy necklace from the consignment store The Clothes Chick
I got many flinestone's inspired comments and to all of them, I responded in a dead pan tone, "yabbadabbdoo"
I was also told that it makes me look like "an africa mamma" which, I guess works, as long as I can be Lady Smith Black Mambazo  

This was my little pouch.
It came with the Tartan collection from Mac
I never knew what to do with it

so I saftey pinned some shoestrings to it and added a butterfly pin and viola!

as for my jewelry, it goes (from right to left)
-class ring (Jostens.com....but idk why you'd want that, unless of course you're looking for the quintessential item of high-school decadence or a "wear-able time capsule for your finger"....really? )
-"Degas" ring from Betsey Johnson
-Gold heart bracelet, vintage
-beaded bracelet, my friend Linsy's ex-boyfriend was into the "rave scene" and gave me this, I don't wear it for the "PLUR" aspect, but because it perfectly matched my ensemble
-blue knot bracelet a gift to my sister from our friend Kate...that I stole (sssshhh)
-charm bracelet from Urban Outfitters and it was one of those items that I always wanted and she FINALLY gave me! yay~

also I'm wearing a petite-coat from the sale section of Urban Outfitters

and of course, my favorite flesh colored clogs and these cute fishnet socks my lovely friend Karissa gave me for my birthday

oh okay so "story time"
I go into Miu Miu  the other day, now I am a HUGE fan of Miu Miu, but of course, considering I only make $8 an hour, so I'm what you'd call a wishful thinker
so I see this AMAZING headband, its patent leather with a big pink puff ball, I could not find any pictures of it, but you can imagine.
ANYWHO, so I decided to be bold and just see how much it was, I ask the kind worker and she responds with

so I got creative! 
I found this old sequin headband
and this puffball that was a freegift from some perfume collection
and I hotglued the two together!

Oh also, I was feeling a bit spontaneous yesterday, so I walked into claire's and got a third ear piercing,
and I know its not a big deal
but I feel like a reprobate regardless.

Today's inspiration:

so my art teacher was a bit confused by my outfit,
and really believed my bag was one of those Tibetan bags
she claimed that I look like a "Tibetan baby-doll" and to that, I respond "I can dig it"

My outfit was also very much inspired by the fafi drawings
They are fun, bright and colorful. They are also fancy free, just like me! If only I could draw hearts on my face and have colorful hair

Those are the Miu Miu puff balls I'm talking about
J'adore le puffballs!

I felt like I had the Horton Hears a Who flower on my head all day.
I could've sworn I heard something.

Inspirational friends!

She is my little cupcake.
not only does her outfit match completely,
but she manages to make me not want to throwup due to her complete matchy-ness
and that is a feat on its own.
that hat! oi! sooo adorable! Gosh, I need to begin thinking of better adjectives!

everything she is wearing, is most likely from Japan.


she had a hard day. and that makes me sad.
but she looks ADORABLE, and that makes me happy

we had matching butterflies today!

The thing I absolutely love about Karissa's style is that, I've never seen stuff like this before.
She is never "too cool" to shop ANYWHERE, She can find the cutest, cheapest stuff.
She has no specific style, it is just lovely, and so totally her.
She loves dreamcatcher and butterflies
but she is by no means "generic"
she is one of a kind <3

and look how cute the back of her dress is!

oh and can we acknowledge the board in the senior lounge.

I added some fun post-its for this prom thing
I am a reprobate! I am!

oh hey and guess who is featured on American Apparel's website!

Now I must finish my Mcflurry,
because I'm a teenager
and you can't stop my rebellious ways GOSH DARNIT!

keep it sassy yall,


  1. Those clog-ish things are fantastic!! The browny ones (clogs), and the brown lace-up boots... You have great taste in shoes.

  2. ummm... can i just be your bffl O_O too much cool-ness in one post! my mind is blown... and this is not just because i am prone to getting worked up over things when i've stayed up until the wee hours of the morning!! you are truly towards the top of my 'cool list'!!!! :D :D :D oh dear... i am going to bed now!!! :D :D :D :D


  3. I like your black socks. I've got similar ones but in creme colours :)

  4. Thanks for your super nice comment! Of course we can be friends :) your outfits are way too cool, seriously! Not on this post only, I looked a little beat earlier...
    Plus love your sassiness!

    Consider me as friend who follows :)

  5. I love you I love you I love you I love you
    That necklace
    That DIY pom pom (miu miu's prices are ridiculous, but sophie and i splurged on their collars last spring... it was essential.)
    That shift
    That Horton hears a Who
    That tote bag (Michelle's!!!!)
    YOU!!!! You remind me of a McFlurry. Not that you are a cheap McDonalds desert but you are very much ice cream like to me. I do not know why.