I know what you're thinking "OH EM GEE CAELAN, Y U NO POST TILL NOW"

and to respond I can only say, I've been as busy as bumble bee, 
a bumble bee who is also a senior in highschool
who has a boat load of things to do
including the shakespeare festival
school play
and work

SOOOOOOOO forgive the late post!
What I wore this past friday was this!
(I totally had a Marilyn Monroe moment)

I'm wearing a floral button down from American Apparel
with an exact same floral, floral skirt from American Apparel
(I call it monoflormatic)
Along with beige bloomers also from American Apparel
and my favorite, flesh colored clogs

here is my face!
And vintage earrings from my momma
oh and see the bump on my nose, everyone in my family has it...
oh genetics
oh this was the back of my outfit
I tried to make it look like a train/bussle sort of thing

Some of my fellow favorite fashionistas:

aint she da ky00test
Jeans from Sally's in Tokyo
Suspenders & Converse also from TOKYO
(did you ever go to school with those ADORABLE asian kids that always claimed they got all their amazing things from "Japan"....ugh I can't just go to Japan"
The shirt is from a car show, called "Hella Flush" last weekend, that her boyfriend Robert got for her <3

She reminds me of Miss Honey from Matilda in this adorable outfit.
I love how daring she is, especially when it comes to prints,
I don't know if I could wear paisley like she!

Top from Charlotte Russe
Vintage skirt from HER MOTHER!
Shoes borrowed from Bianca!

She is also magnificent in this lovely orange dress borrowed from Allia 
an outfit so simple, yet so chic!
Shoes from Urban Outfitters


This is Elise's debut on my blog
but we've known each other since 1st grade.
She didnt want to be my friend at first because she thought I'd get her into trouble
which is true ......what

Normally she dresses like a "normal girl" but today I thought she looked ridiculously adorable.
Her denim dress is from a local boutique called Bliss
and her shoes are from Urban Outfitters
She is embracing her latina flavas

She is simply chic, no explanation required. 
Dress from our darling friend Sasssman's Mother!
Socks & tights from Walmart

and I'll end this post again with
she wanted to be on my blog.

Keep it sassy everyone,


  1. Oh my god I want to eat you like you look like a beautiful flower ice cream I can't even explain this you are awesome and also my hero.

  2. HAppy belated 18th birthday my love!!! and i see you are a thespian too, shakespeare festival harharhar. we thespians always seem to just find one another. Also i adore this floral overload outfit! SO MUCH FLORAL. so lovely

  3. Adorable! All that floral makes me want to lie in a field of summer flowers. And I get what you mean by the Shakespeare overloading your life, I'm directing a scene from Romeo and Juliet for a Shakespeare competition and it's so hectic! Lovelovelovee