Outfit of the Day: 02/06/11

How are we all, this lovely sunday?
I'm doing swimmingly! Today was quite a fun day!
My sister and I went on quite the journey today.
We drove to the other side of the island to discover that the Salvation Army was closed on sunday...DURZILLE, I don't know why I didnt think of that
anywho we got coffee and some stranger complimented my hat,
then we drove back to the other side of the island and went to this cute consignment store called The Clothes Chic, Then we visited my other sister at work, and came home and watched Beauty and the Beast
What I wore:
-A Betsey Johnson denim jumpsuit
-A hand-me-down velvet blazer
-a brown felt hat from the Salvation Army
-Thrifted brown booties
-Brown leather bag from GoodWill

Things I bought today:
This crazy funky necklace from The Clothes Chic it was $30

This AMAZING Cher Horowitz plaid skirt only $9!

And this CRAZY shirt, that came with this three piece set
1) This peach lovely shirt thats very flowy delightfyk
2) a pair of matching pants (ew)
It was quite successful
Yesterday I went to this carnival
and at the thirfted section, they had this huge section for books and I got the most amazing things!
1) 8 issues of Double Take (a photography magazine from the 90's)

for only 0.25 EACH
I die.
they are brilliant.
Then I got The Joy of Photography for $2.00
and The Camera for only 2.00
I also got this awesome book about these psychedelic prints of the 70's
only $1
this Illustrated Catalogue of Photographic Equipment.
for only $1
and this tape called Deep Breakfast
mostly because I just liked the font

and that was the majority of my weekend

keep it sassy,


  1. Where ever you live must be warm! I love the necklace, your shoes and the VELVET BLAZER!AHHHHH!!!

  2. THAT NECK-UH-LUSSSSSSSSS (yes, spelled phonetically).
    OH AND THAT SKIRTTTTTTTT so pretty and yes, Cher Horowitz-y! Girlfriend! :)

  3. Adorable outfit! I lovee your shoes, so sweet!

  4. hey! This is sophie ^ that was madigan up there haha. I am asking you to email me at madeline.sophie1@gmail.com because i want to send you a package full of randomly amazing goodies! SERIOUSLLYYY

  5. THE NECKLACE IS SO NICE! i love buying things for just a dollar. but it kind of defeats the purpose when i want to buy 100 things for just a dollar.

    you live in Hawaii?!! Im jealous, i live in Ontario Canada. its cold and its winter and its sad :P lol

    cool finds, very cute outfit (that jumper looks very good on you!)

    check me out!


  6. love the outfit and what you have bought! :D