Obsession: Worldly inspired digs!

Before I begin, a quick update on my life:
-my school play started
-I'm buried underwork
-my angst is at an all time high
okay onto the post.
SO The other day, I went to this store called Siam Imports and discovered the most amazing things
to begin the store was wonderful with a lovely scent of incest incense
Then I found this LOVELY dress
It is so lovely, and non-constricting, I'm basically obsessed, and it smells like incense too!
Then I got this lovely set of bangles!
I don't know about you, but I have tiny wrists and its nice finally finding a pair of awesome colorful bangles that fit correctly!
and being surrounded in that sweet aroma, I HAD TO GET SOME INCENSE!!!
I got red rose, pink rose and the typical...incense smell
And on the way out, I just HAD to get these adorable pencils,
I'm going to have to draw some wonderful drawrings with these!
oh and on an extra note
I got these clogs for my birthday!
they are from SWEDEN! I didn't intend for them to be the exact same color as my flesh, but I figure I'll channel Alfred Hitchcock's leading women by wearing nude color shoes, I hear they elongate your legs, and being 5'2 and a half, I could use all the "elongating."
and after a stressful day I meditated in my back yard, burning rose scented incense
I was finally at peace!
Keep it sassy,


  1. You look like such a peaceful hippie! I'm sure that is nice to hear seeing as you seem to feel so angsty!

  2. Ughhhh you are such a cool cat.

  3. LOVEEEE ITTTT (it's sophe speaking hehe) omgg I have a tiny wwrist as well! AND THOSE PENCILLLS GAHHHH JEALOUSY ARISES IN MY SOULLL I'm starting to do some fashion design sketches, so I'm obessed with colored pencils, and my drama teacher has these, and im jealous. THEIR AMAZING YOU NEED TO LET ME BORROW THEM IN A PACKAGGEE!!!!