Obsession: http://madeline-sophie.blogspot.com/

Okay universe, I think its time you meet two of the coolest cats around.

(btdubs, I need to think of nicknames for yall)

okay now I've been wanting to post this for awhile but not quite sure how I'd perfectly some up my feelings in one post, so here it goes.

Their blog was one of the first I checked out when I started in the blogspot community (no lie!)

and I was immediately enthralled! due to their witty writing, adorable outfits, and AMAZING reference points!

They are so cute, and so smart, it makes me want to move to GA! We could all play, and sew clothing, and eat candy, wear silly hats (I have a wolf hat), dance a jig, and play board games and just have the most bitchin time in the multiverse!

Their styles are never predictable, and never consistent (which I ABSOLUTELY love) so whenever I get to their blog, its like finding a toy in the bottom of your cereal box, a completely delightful and charming surprise!

 This is Madeline, 
she is sassy.
and just look how cute this outfit is!
I like how sometimes it seems she gravitates to semi monochromatic outfits, but then will completely flip the switch the day later, in a crazy whirling dervish of colors, textures, she completely inspires me to look into tights, because that is an area of fashion I didnt dive into yet (probably cause its hot as the devil underoos here in HI)

and this is Sophie
now I hope she doesnt take this offensively, but she is totally the long lost Fanning sister, which of course I LOVE.
Her style is also also ridiculously funky, it could be a James Brown song! Sophie has no fear when it comes to clothing and that of course is a huge inspiration to me, she makes cute, quirky jewelry that she customs by glueing awesome things too (they may both do this so thumbs up to both of you) and mixes different materials and colors to create these fabulous outfits!

There are many many many reasons why I love them
but the top three are

3. They are a new found inspiration for me, and everything I wear!
2. They leave the sweetest most enthusiastic comments!
and number one is
1. I was wearing some fugly SH when I was their age and to see them soooo stylish NOW, ugh, I hope we are all fwends for a lifetime, ( I cant wait to see yall when you're old and in a retirement home)

I'm not posting about this so they gain more followers on blogspot, because lets face it, I don't have much of a standing here, but I hope my tumblr friends and my irl friends see this and check them out because they are amazing and I love them.

now I'm going to go back to eating chocolate cake for breakfast
keep it sassy,


  1. They are awesome! Maddy and Sophie have been my blogging best friends since the beginning of time! I am so glad you posted about them! :-)

    We love you soooo much and you talking about us makes me squeeeeee with happiness!