Obsession: February 2010

Since it is valentines day TODAY! forgive the spam, 

I'll be flooding your dash with a few posts because my excitement can't be contained to JUST ONE POST

so this is another part of my series dedicated to amazing February issues of Teen Vogue

This issue was from 2010 with whats-her-face from Gossip Girl featured.

but again that is not the most important part


This photoshoot was hip, edgy and very different from years prior
it was appropriately called "Wild at Heart"

and it features not only a really dream looking man model
but this GORGEOUS faire, nymph like, strawberry blonde model with a punky edgy style!
Her hair looks like something out of a painting, perfectly tousled to perfection. And her style is carelessly edgy which of course I adore. I also quite like the leather jacket featured in this shoot, and the movement of the models. It excites me!

This image shows them a bit more polished.
The female model is wearing those tiny, fingerless gloves that were very last year ( but it works), with a crisp white button down and khaki shorts. But what I love about this outfit is the crazy earring she is wearing, its different, its edgy, and ads the perfect touch to this semi-sweet-simple ensemble.
The male model on the other hand is just dreamy in a very misunderstood-badboy-awalktoremember-nicholassparks way
and I can honestly say, I can dig it 

This photo I just ADORE.
Not to mention her perfect hair, and adorable expression that makes this photo feel like a still from some awesome non-lame teen movie, which in 2010, was not a possibility (any teen movies after 99 are just...awful). And her red lips are just too cute! 

I love the motion in this photo, and how carefree the female model looks.
I also LOVE the juxtaposition between the soft, frilly dress with the tough, green military chic vest. It is a similar juxtaposition with the soft tousled hair and the spiky, studded headband!
so basically
I want this photo shoot to be MY LIFE and I want her hair color.

This photo has the similar theme
so I will not over analyze it.
I'll just let you soak in the cuteness of this all.

Now this photo, I have to go into 
despite the use of the very 2010 "denim vest" it is such a sweet look all put together.
and I'm a HUGE sucker for darling models with big red hair bows!!!
and of course dreamy boys
yall I'm sorry, these reviews suck, its mostly just me ranting hahaha
But they way he is looking at her
and the way she is looking at the camera
and her outfit
and her hair...

I just die

What I love most about this shoot is this photo
The series doesn't end in a lovers embrace
she is seen walking away, one crazy leather wedge in front of the other
and that is just empowering to use woman!
(independent ladies by Destiny's Child should be playing in the background)

I hope yall enjoyed

keep it sassy,



  1. Love this spread! Very cute but tough too! Girl power!

  2. Oh yes! Please buy me a lovely Kimono! I am dying! I can't believe I might own one! How much do the cost? I could pay you back or something. Or better yet, you could tell me what kind of clothes you like and I could thrift you something groovy the the local vintage store! Eh?

  3. In the last picture I always loved the Moschino record bag and Sophie and I always wanted to DIY it but never picked up the courage to drill a record :(