Obsession:February 2007

I really do love pink and hearts and fun and frillz and all those wonderful things that come with the month of February.
(this is like my favorite Betsey Johnson Dress!!)
now back to my series on old Teen Vogue issues
this is one of my personal favorites
That tennis bitch on the cover of the February 2007 issue regardless of her virtual irrelevancy I LOVED THIS ISSUE!!!!

it may have been one of my favorite issues ever, and here is why
In a series called "Sweet Life" they photographed this group of adorable British boys who launched the movement "Tea Cake Tuesday" which was the rebirth of afternoon tea and utter chivalry amongst young males.
so of course I was IN LOVE.
I love tea parties (to read post about this love click here)
They provide an AMAZING playlist and just adorable people, dressed adorably
my favorite things!

The "tea tips" and party favors are just the cutest idea.
I swear you guys, I lived my life by this for a little while
And as an antisocial 13 year old reading this
I was enamored
This is still my dream life, am I a loser for thinking that?
I'll make it happen eventually
and they finish it off with ♥ shaped balloons!
I die.
okay enough of the Nicholas Sparks in my heart ranting

Keep it sassy,


  1. That's the most adorable spread ever! Makes me wish I read teen vogue when I was a kid as opposed to Girlfriend and Dolly. And the theme of Tea Party reminds me of your idea of 'Tea Party Tuesday'; You should legitimately make that an ongoing thing! Loove <3

  2. Ahhhh! British people! Swoon! I love that mustardish dress with the peter pan collar. Ughhhh, why am I not British?

  3. nice spread pictures!!! Brithis peopleeeee.

    x Floor

  4. Oh yes and I love your adorable heart dress. I know you're older than me but you are as cute as a cupcake! Why are we not next door neighbors so I can snatch that then magically shrink it down then resize it for you when I'm done? Huh?