Outfit of the Day:02/27/10

I think you guys need a sasssquatch update:
so 1st thing's first, I'll eat your brains
then imma start rockin gold teeth and fangs

2nd thing thank you ALL for the birthday wishes, I completely forgot to mention it in my birthday post
but seriously
I love you all

3rd thing, I've been having a existential crisis revolving my wardrobe, I want to dress how I like, but I'm scared thats not how adults dress...its been perplexing me for awhile and I'd like your output.

Now onto the outfit:

This is what I wore this fine sunday.
I made this dress about 3 years ago, found it in the back of my wardrobe and decided to work it back into my day to day wardrobe.
It's passed on a pattern my mom made when she was 15.
 I love the fun print, it reminds me a bit of Brady Bunch vomit, which I enjoy quite  a lot.

here is an upclose

I'm also wearing 
these sassy boots, I got them on etsy
they have two tongues but one just fell over.
I like the a lot they remind me of my short stint as a horse back rider,  I that dream died with Black Beauty. :(
I had two aerial critters accompany on my journey today. A blue bird and pink butterfly.
and I'm wearing my usual crazy jewelry! 
and I saw a tiny mushroom on the way home
and my lovely sisters were my lunch dates.

here is an upclose on my makeup.
I use to put gems at the corners of my eyes when I was little
not much has changed.

this was the weather forecast for the week.

I won 2nd place in the states Shakespeare competition

I won this big book, $100 and 2 tickets to a local production!

Oh and in other news,
this creep who called me a bitch last time I saw him just called me.
I pulled out the sass.
Let's just say he probably won't call me again. 

Keep it sassy,


    Okay, who cares if adults don't dress like that, let me tell you I am going into high school and still look like a 5th grader so don't worry, stay gold, Ponygirl.
    I absolutely adore your dress, I want that fabric sooooo badly plus your aerial critters have inspired me and from now on no matter how boring my outfit I will pin on some form of animal and everything will be cool.
    Congrats on the shakespeare win! You more than deserve it!
    You are an excellent person and I amd jealous/want to be you/want to be your bff/want to be your neighbor who you talk to through the window via morse code.

  2. Love your dress!!! So pretty!!! I wish I could make pretty dresses!!!
    Who cares what adults dress like? As my theater teacher says, "What people wear tells a lot about them," or something like that. If you dressed like all adults dress you would be dressing like yourself, and nobody could tell what your personality was like. And besides not all adults dress the same. Most adults just dress boring.
    Congratulations on winning the Shakespeare contest!! That is so awesome!!

  3. AAH you are so adorable. I found your blog kinda funilly (funinilily? thats a word...) because I was searching for that very same adorable prada headband and i came up with one of your posts from a few days ago! yay! followed. So MIU MIU, ALL YO ONLINE SHOPPING NONSENSE IZ GIVIN ME A RASH.
    congrats on the shakespere contest! that is soo incredibly awesome!! im going to drama fest this coming weekend and am uber pumped.
    also, pull up in the monster, automobile gansta, with da bad bitch that came from sri lanka!!

  4. Super cute outfit especially the shoes!! And I used to always put gem by my eyes when I was little too.