Event: 18th Birthday Party

I had my 18th birthday party last weekend.
and I'm only writing about it now
okay so here are some photos I shall summarize

I brought my instax mini and had a heck of a good time

It was a tea party.
and I thought it was the PERFECT occasion to wear my pink wig AND my line-dancing dress!
purchased from Urbaneccentric
It was perfect size wise, didn't smell like moth balls AND shipped fast!
so I'd give the dress and the seller 5 gold stars!

OH and I found a pack of 100 straws that matched my dress PERFECTLY!
how magical.

Tickled Pink.
(I took many pictures, while waiting for people to come)
And I have to thank my mother for the darling set up.
she is soo cute
The treats were to die for!
Sweetheart or Sweettart?
we had sweettarts with sweethearts
Care for a spot of tea?

Peach Gumdrops.
and peach gumdrops, just to name a few items

These were all the lovely darlings at my party

I Think we're gonna start a band.
and this is our 90s girl band photo,
we are all feminists.
and I play harmonica
so despite the fact that we are part of the web 2.0 generation, I believe a 90's alt girl band will happen.

This is my friend Karissa she is cute

then my friends got sassy and hopped in my backyard fountain
I had my very own "watson twins"
I also found this paper mache airplane at work
so of course
I stole it
I tell you I'm a wild child and you can't stop me
actually they were going to throw it out
Then like all diva's
I had a costume change.
Into this vintage dress from Catherine's Closet
To be honest, life is too short to be boring

Other fun pictures

We took pictures.
We ran a muck.
We were wild & crazy reprobates.
We are all now diabetics due to extreme sugar intake.
and unlike most 18 year olds, 
I felt like having a day-party, like you do in elementary school, 
I felt like dancing like a spastic ribbon dancer and smelling like strawberries.
I'm not what most would call "typical"

and we ended the party watching Marie Antoinette while devouring strawberry shortcake


I call this photo series "carnage"

Keep it Sassy,


  1. Wow seems like a really cool party you had! Such a sweet set up.
    And I approve of you watching Marie Antoinette to finish it up; it is the most amazing film yes?!

  2. I wish I could come! Tea parties are the best!!!!!!
    You look so awesome in your dresses. And the pink wig is perfect.

  3. I love your line-dancing dress!! I'm really into this whole post, actually.