Today Yesterday was valentines day.

and while stumbling across the latest issue of Teen Vogue I discovered something incredibly sad.


The tiny Nicholas Sparks in my heart cried and spontaneously combusted

After all the work I spent organizing and narrating my favorite spreads, Teen Vogue unbeknownst to me "forgets" to include this said photoshoot

so I know what you're thinking "Sasssquatch, what's the point of living?" and to properly respond to your question

February 2008

That was the single best valentines day photospread I've yet to seen in Teen Vogue history

Let me begin

First off, I loved how refreshing this issue was with its covergirls, for once they didnt have the "it-girl" of the month, they chose three, beautiful and talented young models whose personalities had yet to surface to mainstream media. Karlie, Chanel and Ali, all beautiful in very different ways, were the perfect covergirls for this perfect issue.

This is my favorite shoot EVER.
to begin
okay well first, I love every single photo taken. 
but to start with this one, I'll start from the top and work my way down,
at first glance you see the ADORABLE Steven Strait (famous from the film Sky High) and this adorable cute model. Not only is her hair perfectly tousled, (a common theme that I really really dig) BUT ALSO she has an adorable headband. I know I sound like the worlds biggest cornball but just look at the way he is looking at her and tucking her hair back behind her ear...I MELT! okay moving along, their outfits are incredibly adorable. I don't know about yall, but I'm obsessed with the idea of matching with my significant other, I just think its basically the cutest thing EVER. They have a matching color scheme of light dustyish fuschia, mustard yellow and a light turquoise, which is a great twist on the typical valentines day color scheme. They are both dressed incredibly sharp the way they match just warms my heart. Now its not just the matching I love, but her entire dress, gloves, little heart shaped purse, down to her tiny little Marie Antoinette like shoes.

*breath out* ONTO THE NEXT LOOK

Now this look is just too incredibly cute.
From the two models poses and body language to the tiny details on the girl (lets just call her Margery)'s bag, I'm equally obsessed with this look.
Okay so as I mentioned, I just love there pose and expression, he is hopping in mid-air with a handful of flowers and she looks so genuinely happy and surprised and his face is just so cute UGH I explode.
and here they go again, subtly matching! Her sweaters and pins are so cute and they perfectly complement the adorable dress and tutu she is wearing. AND THERE SO GOES AGAIN WITH THOSE SWEET LITTLE SHOES! I die.
And look at him! he looks devine and debonaire in that sharp ensemble and I'm sorry, I'm completely drooling over his shoes.
can I please have this life?

This next look.
of course
I'm in love with.
The dress is superb, and it looks perfect with those little sweet gloves and that adorable headband with studs. I love the way he is holding her and the way she is looking at him, GOSH they are believable models! I love the colors, I love how they match
I love love love it all. 

sadly this page is cut in half by the interview.
But can we just talk about how beautiful they both look!
Those glasses are to die for, and they go beautifully perfect with her sweet little hat and of course delicious man candy! Boy is Steven Strait good looking. mmmmmmmhmmmmmmm

Of course they have to have a beautiful picture in the rain, it is a Teen Vogue afterall,
but due to the incredible fashion, and generally adorableness of Steven Strait and Margery, this picture is not cliche at all! Plus in 2008, his large framed glasses were a new thing, not a trend that is completely beaten to death. Normally, I run away from white tights, due to my fear that they'll make me look like the chubby 5-year-old ballerina I once was, but Margery pulls them off PERFECTLY, and he is wearing pin-stripes...I DIE

Not gonna lie, this isnt my FAVORITE shot of the shoot, but its still adorable.
I love her trench hat and umbrella and just the way EVERYTHING matches in a very nontypical way. I love when things match...jus sayin. Plus look at Steven reading...how effing cute. I also like how she is the one in motion in this picture, its very magically whimsicle and I like it!

sadly, we've come to the last look.
I like this shot because it ends on a note that they will be together, in this melodrama I'm acting out in my head. They are holding hands and looking adorable. Her hat and blazer are to die for, and that rose bag is gorgeous, I think I need to look up the designers for all of these AMAZING outfits and the stylist that put them all together! PLUS HE IS WEARING COMME DES GARCON!
which is the tagline of my chickflick

Now on to general awesome valentine things!
My valentines day was fun as always.
Despite the fact that I have no significant other, I still had a bitchin' time
I figure valentines day is an excuse to either
A) Appreciate your significant other
B) Eat all your feelings (they are most likely gonna taste like free chocolate and cupcakes)

so of course I dressed up for school (can't show you cause I was in my uniform) BUT I wore my heart shaped sunnies! and my heart "bling bling" (how 2004 am I?)

here is a little collection of my favorite Valentines Things
 the sweater is from Betsey Johnson
the glasses were from Fred Flare
the lipstick, YSL
and the valentines, homemade
I made 40 valentines for some of my tumblr friends!

I wore those sunnies and that lipstick ALL DAY!

and here are links to all the Teen Vogue issues I featured

In addition to the chocolate bar my momma left me, my sister Devon made me a heart-shaped brownie and left me this sweet vintage valentine <3

Also vintage Leo was my Valentine this year... don't hate

I saw this at the supermarche
it might've been the most ridiculous valentines thing I've seen yet.
but hey, I can dig it

AND THIS IS MY "SWEETHEART" Playlist, (cause ever either song or artist features the word "heart") feel free to steal and give to your sweetheart <3

now I must be going, I have school to attend, and I have so much more to show you but I guess I'll leave yall hanging!
today is my last day of being 17, so I'll probably write a post about that, I'm feeling a bit apprehensive,

I'll talk to yall later

Keep it sassy,


  1. Hahah Valentines-shrimp! I love the pictures of the boy and girl, so cute! Otherwise I'm never that into Valentines Day...boo?

  2. Love this post!! Your commentary is great!!! Only Teen Vogue could make white tights cool!!

  3. When taking a vacay from the blogesphere I have missed your sassiness immensely. Hi

    also your enthusiasm for valentines day tickles me pink