Stylist of the Day: Hayley

This is a new segment I like to call "Stylist of the Day" so basically, I'm taking the people I love most and having them be my stylist for the day. My style is based upon all the people I love, my city that I love and of course the fashion icons and photographers that I love. So why not have a day based on those people who inspire me.

and today its my sister Hayley.

Hayley is 19 years old, a psychology major at UH and an employee at American Apparel.
She has a very unique style that incorporates very simple minimalist colors along with a variety of fabrics and materials to add a little je ne se quoi to her look.
Her outfit consist of a flowly tank and high wasted shorts from American Apparell
with a darling lace bra to add the perfect touch
and those dreamy Vivienne Westwood flats that were a gift from her darling boyfriend!
Her lovely "Margot Tenenbaum" hair is completely natural and extremely adorable, and can we just acknowledge how she has the worlds cutest mole!
and this is the look she created for me!
Her ADORABLE black cotton structured jacket from Urban Outfitters
I did my hair in Hayleys favorite, a high pony-tail with a hair poof in the front!
With a dark grey deep tank from American Apparel
Over my rose and striped strapless dress from Motelrocks.com
Black ripped tights
and those AMAZING pointed toe flats from Urban Outfitters, I think
This outfit is saucey and sassy and very me, but in a very Hayley way hahaha
I used her signature stella scent!

I love my sister and she was a great stylist for the day!

keep it sassy,



  1. Just thought this might be interesting for you since you seem to be looking for inspiration, I'm doing this thing on my blog where you can send me a picture of a piece of clothing you don't know how to wear and I'll try to give you an advice on how to combine it :)
    I like giving fashion advice, and I love the way you dress!

  2. Wow! Her hair is blonder than mine! She has the same bra on as my mom! (unnecessary info) My mom shops at american apparel....