Outfit of the Night: 01/26/11

So last night I went out to dinner to celebrate my parents birthdays
and since we were going to a beach club I thought I'd dress sorta 70's boho chic!

I found this amazing dress in the back of my closet and I can't believe I haven't worn it sooner (I have the craziest closet, I'm surprised I don't have any live animals or secret portals in there
forgive the swaying braid, here is an upclose shot of my dress and my AMAZING kachinca pendant from Catherines Closet

my favorite little clutch from Urban Outfitters
These shoes were my mothers and they were vintage from yesteryear
and my feather pin also from Catherine's Closet

Style Inspiration:

Disraeli Gears- Cream (the first album my mother has ever purchased)
and of course, The Brady Bunch
because what else perfectly sums up this era in a nut shell.
heck! give me a mike and I could join their variety show :)

Keep it sassy,



  1. I love everything about this outfit! That dress has the most amazing print! And the urban outfitters clutch is really classic. I like the inspiration, the Brady Bunch used to be my life!

  2. love this dress and your braid! love it.

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  3. I want that dress!!!! It is so awesometastic! We need to do a clothing swap!!!

  4. Ughhhhh I love you I love you I love you and that dress too