Outfit of the Day: 01/28/11

Alas, it is friday again, and I couldn't me happier.
This is what I wore today, and sadly I didnt have anyone to take my picture this morning
I also didnt have as much time to pick out this ensemble, regardless I gave it my best shot

What I'm wearing:
Fringe Shall- LF (Santa Barbara)
Navy Blue nebula T- American Apparel
Peach Skirt- American Apparel
white tights with pink hearts- American Apparel
Mocasins- Paniolo Trading
Jewelry from 5th grade

Forgive the bags under my eyes, I don't have enough sleep

Lucky Charms

and Rainbow bright

Adorable Darlings that go to my School!
This is Keili
She is one of the sweetest little cupcakes I've ever met. She is so cute and so zen and has such a great outlook on life. Not only that but she dresses adorably
Here she is wearing an adorable black button down and a floral skirt from biggie smalls knows where, I've never seen her closet but I'm sure its a hodgepodge of garments from everywhere under the rainbow.

Then there is Karissa
She will probably photographed EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY because she is just too cute. She has such an eclectic style something that is seriously ineffable. She has such a kind heart and such a bubbly personality that is perfectly reflected by the amazing clothes that she wears.

isnt that the cutest thing ever.
and no...those arent real gages! hahahha
and how cute! a tiny little hairbow!!!

Then there is Michelle
who is also fricken adorable!
She has a very cute sassy wardrobe full of garments that look simple from afar, but upclose are as intricate and as one of a kind as she is!
Lastly there is Sasssman and Simone
Sasssman is adorably put together as always, what I love most about her is that she can seriously dress ANYWAY she likes, in any genre wearing virtually ANY item and she will pull it off flawlessly, I seriously don't know how you do it!
as for Simone she pulls of that "just rolled out of bed, absolutely no effort went into this outfit and my hair just naturally looks perfect" look AMAZINGLY. Like seriously, I really don't know how she does it, if I don't spray my hair with the motherload of products I will look like this

and on that note, I must bid you all adieu
Keep it sassy,


  1. Aww! Your outfit is reaaaaally sweet. I love your fifth-grade jewelry, and that fringy white top. It reminds me of swan feathers.

  2. I really like you shirt! (looks like a nebula pattern) and Michelle's shoes!!