Outfit of the Day: 01/23/11

"You came in with the breeze, on Sunday Morning"
Every sunday morning I listen to the same playlist
and while moshing in my kitchen in my PJs to No Doubt's great hit I suddenly remembered why I love them as much as I do
so my outfit was of course inspired by their exciting, passionate, colorful music! That makes me feel ALIVE
I'm wearing:
A Lucca Couture blazer borrowed from my sister but originally from Urban Outfitters
a striped American Apparel body suit
and a floral denim H&M skirt purchased for me, by my sister when she was in SF
This is my puppy necklace that my sister bought for me, from a flea market!
And this lovely rhinestone, skull clutch is from Betsy Johnson
Maryjanes from Urban Outfitters
ring from Marc by Marc Jacobs
and my crazy hot pink lips consist of three products
Mac's dazzleglass in "stepping out"
Revelon's matte lipstick in "Pink about it"
and this YSL lipstick in "50"
Oh and I had "beans on toast" for lunch yummaroo

(photos from google/tumblr, if these are anyones feel free to send me an email about proper credit, I'm not claiming these are mine thanks)
GWEN STEFANI (obviously)
Gwen Stefani is a fashion idol of mine because of her free spirit, variety of: textures, fabrics, patterns and accessories, but mostly because she is ALWAYS pushing the envelope.
I love how she changed up her style with different things that inspired her throughout her life.
but the best part is that all of it never felt forced, it never seemed like she was trying to be different
it was just her.
and it was AMAZING.
(I love these two incredibly)
whether it was 1993 or is 2011 she is always changing up her style and standing out in the music scene.
and one of the sasssiest musicians I've ever witnessed!

keep it sassy,



  1. I love your style!!! Your hairdo is amazing!!! And those shoes are awesome!!
    Gwen is so cool. I love her dreadlocks!!
    Love your blog, I'm following now!!

  2. i love style rookie! and gwen stefani.
    your outfit for today is beautiful and inspiring, and i am dying over that playlist. <3

  3. I'm lovin' your outfit! The mix of patterns is really nice. And that's a really cool necklace. :)