Outfit of the Day: 01/21/11

ALAS Its friday again! Therefor I DONT HAVE TO WEAR A UNIFORM!
So this is my outfit of the day (forgive the tired expression, I took this at 7 in the morning)
This is my ensemble with my lavender cardigan (which I had to wear to school)
and without the cardi!
for obvious reasons I couldn't wear this to school hahaha
And this is the AMAZING collar my adorable friend Bar made me, now I know its a replica of a Miu Miu collar but it was such a sweet gift and I don't have the means to buy one sooo this is my best option :)
And this amazing broach I found in my room
I'm wearing:
Black American Apparel long-sleeve back-less leotard
Lavender J.Crew sweater
Coral H&M skirt
Swiss-Dot American Apparel tights
and black AA socks
with my vintage shoes from Salvation Army

Outfit Inspiration:

Miu Miu spring 2008 ready to wear

someone said to me today "You remind me of a play boy bunny, but in the best way possible" so why not be inspired by Gloria Steinem dressed as a playboy bunny in her undercover expose

The rest of my school day
I'm obsessed with these three: cherries, tangerines and green tea
Sarah's AMAZING backpack is...AMAZING
Michelle is such a sweetheart, she literally dressed up for this (how cute) and she brought her inspiration
a J.Crew catalog, aint she cute
I love that layered look
she is just as cute as a button
with a really cool style
influenced by every summer trip she's taken to Japan
and just the fact that she is quite observant and lives in a busy part of Hawaii WAIKIKI!!
There was a bake sale today, can you say PEANUT BUTTER TEMPTATION
These two are the heads of the drama club (and my favorite giants)
This is my darling, I refer to her only as "Sassman" because she is ridiculously sweet and sassy
I love playing with her and I especially love her closet because its like the most random coagulation of either beautiful designer garments from her mother, or crazy funky items she's found at goodwill
and her outfit goes perfectly with her clay covered shoes
what a sass.
Then there is Karissa, can we acknowledge that she is the ONLY person in the world who can pull of LEGGINS AS PANTS!
She is quite revolutionary when it comes to fashion
and I love this vintage necklace of hers, makes me want to adventure...i'm not quite sure why
and I gotta love a girl in boots.
Then there is Brittany, our class president
this girl has managed to have 14019039410349039 things on her plate all while still looking adorable all the time
despite her naturally long beautiful hair, she can put it in the most lovely buns ever...
and how darling is that shirt?
Then I saw these 6th graders: Kamalani, Emily & Kaylee and there cute fun colorful outfits were so darling, I just had to take a picture! yes its very "6th grade" but I still love it!

so this was my outfit, my day and all the lovely people in it :)

keep it sassy,


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  1. Hello :)
    I just wanted to say, that I admire so much about you.
    Not only your incredible style, but your confidence in yourself and your body.
    With your short skirts and backless leotards,
    its really an inspiration.

    I think that more than anything is what I love about your blog! It inspires me to experiment with my own style and kinda, "step outside" of my own comfort zone because I know if I feel cute, I'll look cute :D