Outfit of the Day: 01/20/11

okay, can I just tell you about my RIDICULOUS day.
in my first class my art teacher completely stifled my creativity by saying that its not my place to contribute my ideas and try to incorporate my interest in that class and that she'd rather me not talk at all.
I can't even handle.
So, channeling the angsty teenager inside of me, I shut up like a clam, and continued the rest of my day as the great angst filled icons of the 90's did.
and the second I got home, I immediately got out of my disgusting uniform and into an outfit I'd be proud of

Dark black eyeliner is a must.
I'm wearing:
my Amoeba Music ripped T
over a stripped 3/4 length shirt...found?
with my plaid flannel from Big R around my waist
Red lips
"Pink about it" by Revlon's Matte collection
and here is my collection of some of my favorite 90's things (including a scrunchi)
Empire Records I've tried to put my love of this film into words, but I don't think it can fully be done

and my Elliott Smith leather wrist band
Then there is a red frat cup full of iced coffee
And three CD's that were all purchased at GoodWill:
- Coolio's "Gangstas Paradise"
-Meredith Brooks "Blurring the Edges"
-Nirvana "Smells like Teen Spirit EP"

and of course my Kurt Glasses
I got these 2 nail polishes today
-one totally angsty and black
and the other sparkley clear with pink and blue hearts

a "Party Animal" key-chain from 95
Lip Smackers strawberry chapstick
And finally, Teen Spirit deodorant, so I finally know how Teen Spirit smells
and its quite delicious
Here are some of my Daria Morgendorffer boots
and Bikini kill just inspires me in general
1) In Bloom- Nirvana
2) Rebel Girl- Bikini Kill
3) Mono- Courtney Love
4) Supervixen- Garbage
5) Killing in the Name of- Rage Against the Machine
6) Loser- Plasticines
7) Bad Reputation- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Keep it sassy AND STICK IT TO THE MAN,


  1. This angsty post made my day! The 90s were amazing and so is your outfit!

  2. i love the 90s, even though i wasn't that old during them. I definitely remember scrunchies and lipsmackers.

    thank you for the luffly comment on my blog. we should be penpals!!